FREEDIVER Triton Down: 100% Achievements Guide

The game is well made and fun but pretty short, so I would suggest you to play through it blind first. One playthrough only takes 20-25 minutes once you know what to do.

You could technically get all achievements but the dying from fire one in one playthrough, then play the game again and swim into the first fire you see. However I’d suggest something like this if you are trying to complete the game fast and efficiently without getting spoilers in the first run:

Playthrough #1

  • Play the tutorial
  • Don’t use glowsticks
  • Don’t use O2 tanks
  • Die from fire

Playthrough #2

  • No deaths
  • Pan achievements
  • find all 7 crew members (will also unlock the¬†Break In¬†achievement)


Swim School
Complete the tutorial
Just play the Tutorial, the achievement will unlock after the rock climbing part.
Note: you don’t need to use your glowsticks > Nocturnal Vision achievement

Story Related

Voyage of the Beagle
Discover a mysterious creature within the Blue Hole
Story related, can’t be missed.

Complete the Blue Hole Mission
Story related, can’t be missed.

Escape the Triton
Story related, can’t be missed.

Easy Achievements

Nocturnal Vision
Escape the ship without utilizing a glowstick
Shouldn’t be hard, you don’t really need them anyway.

I Thought This Was a Water Game
Die by fire
Pretty straight forward, there are a lot of open fires you can swim into on the ship.

Pan Achievements

Escape the kitchen using a frying pan
There’s a pan in the kitchen, close to the first window. Take it and break the glass. Drop the pan in front of the window, you will need it for the next achievement.

Things Will Pan Out
Break a lock using a frying pan
After turning the power back on, go back towards the kitchen. Fill up your oxygen, grab the pan and open the door. After passing the fire in the stairwell there will be a locked yellow hatch to the left, smash the lock with the pan.

“Difficult” Achievements

Expert Freediver
Escape the ship without using an emergency O2 tank
You will get this achievement even if you die from suffocation, but try to directly swim to any available air pockets after entering a room, some rooms get flooded over time.

Not Today
Escape the ship with no deaths
The only hard part for me was the climbing at the end. Make sure you only let go of your first hand after the second hand is grabbing the chain. Take your time while climbing. If you fall and survive, make sure you’ll stay under water till you reach the pole and start climbing from the lowest part of it. Then quickly swim to the exit, you don’t have much oxygen.
Tip for Index/Knuckles users: Use your whole thumb and put it flat onto the touchpad, otherwise it doesn’t register properly and you might randomly fall while climbing.

Break In

Break In
Access the storage room
After opening the first door right at the start, there is a small storage room at the front right side. Access it by diving through the vent hole and pushing the grill inside.

Positive ID

Positive ID
Find all deceased crew members
There is a total of 7 crew members. Not sure what exactly triggers the achievement, I just made sure to touch every member. It will unlock after escaping the ship.

Crew member #1

At the start after opening the big door, inside the storage room (Break In achievement)

Crew member #2

Right at where you enter the kitchen, can’t miss him

Crew member #3

Also in the kitchen, at the back of the room

Crew member #4

Below the grid infront of the kitchen window

Crew member #5

Inside the stairwell

Crew member #6

On the right side after you turned off the fire in the stairwell, next to the axe

Crew member #7

Stuck below the exit door of the hangar

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