Forgotten Hill First Steps: All Achievements Guide

It’s not a walkthrough, it’s just simple describing how to get achievements.



There’s no chapter select for “Into the Woods” and “Mr. Larson’s Nightmares”, so if you missed achievements for those you need to play again Fall and Puppeteer, respectively.

Fall and Into the Woods achievements

  • First step
    Move your First Step in Forgotten Hill
    Story related.
  • Bitten
    Meet the home puppy
    Click on Spike the Spider without using an item.
  • Kissed
    Meet the home kid
    Stay in the room with Lucy for couple of seconds, without giving her Willy.
  • Willy
    Make a kid happy
    Story related.
  • Electrician
    Fix electricity
    Story related.
  • Squanderer
    Waste electricity
    Turn on the lights in every room then leave.
  • Meet Daddy
    Get killed by a wolf
    Leave without picking up the silver cross. If you picked it up, you missed the achievement and need to start a new game.
  • Into the Woods
    Enter the woods
    Story related.
  • Lumberjack
    Cut all trees
    Story related, just fully explore the map.
  • Daddy again
    Get killed by a wolf, again
    Use the car horn twice.
  • Out the Woods
    Exit the woods
    Story related.

Puppeteer and Mr. Larson’s Nightmares achievements

  • In the theater
    Enter the theater
    Story related.
  • Gambler
    Win the card games
    Story related.
  • Vandal
    Cut all posters
    Story related.
  • Marionette
    Position the marionette
    Story related.
  • Waiter
    Feed the fat guy
    Story related.
  • Bell Ringer
    Play a new sound
    According to Lucy’s diary, press bells in order big, small x2, medium x2, big.
  • Pain in the…
    Hassle the nurses
    Simply use nurse call button a few times.
  • Apothecary
    Prepare the medicine
    Story related.
  • Bad Grandson
    Hassle Grandpa
    Simply use matches on the candle a few times.
  • Grinder
    Use the grinder
    Simply click on the blender a few times.

Surgery achievements

  • Wake Up
    A bad awakening
    Story related.
  • Flies
    Get killed by flies
    Before fixing water, flush the toilet a few times.
  • Plumber
    Fix hydraulic system
    Story related.
  • Leech
    Get killed by a leech
    Use hammer on jar with leech in the basement.
  • Creature
    Get killed by an unknown creature
    Click on goat without using an item.
  • Nurse
    Get killed by a nurse
    Click on the nurse couple of times without using an item.
  • Killer
    Kill the nurse
    Story related.
  • Joker
    Hassle the Gambler
    Simply use hammer on Theodore a few times.
  • Cheater
    Win the bells game
    Story related.
  • Gardener
    Grow a new species
    Create a formula according to puzzle magazine’s cover (bottom of the page), then water the plant on first floor.
  • Marbles
    Deliver all the marbles
    Story related.
  • Step out
    Escape the clinic
    Story related.
Other achievements
  • Collector
    Collect all documents
    They are all out in the open, just click on them. Beware that clinic map requires three floors maps.
  • Brainiac
    Complete the game without hints
    Never click hint button at all.

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