FOREWARNED: All (4/4) Levers Guide V25.6

This Guide will cover the four different levers in Forewarned.   Introduction This Guide will go over the various levers including what they open and their visual indicators. Besides the levers and the material they allow access to, this guide won’t have any core instruction. Please see other guides, the wiki page, or the in-game … Read more

FOREWARNED: Quick Guide for the New Eternal Banishment in V1.3

This is a brief overview of the new Eternal Banishment ritual. This guide goes over the general requirements for the ritual which includes what’s required and general steps to complete the ritual. This guide won’t contain variations of puzzles or environments until a later date.   Expectations And Understanding This Guide This guide isn’t for … Read more

FOREWARNED: All Lore Pages (100/100)

This guide describes the contents of all 100 Lore Pages in Forewarned.   Introduction This guide describes the contents of all 100 Lore Pages in Forewarned. The Lore Pages are divided into blocks with 10 pages each for easy navigation, but you can also scroll from top to bottom and read them in order if … Read more

FOREWARNED: Money/XP Farming

This is a very fast and optimal way of upgrading, buying your gear. As for me, the variety in the gear I can use for a full game is the real fun as I usually try to gather all evidence before opening the tomb, even when I know who is the Mejai. I just enjoy … Read more

FOREWARNED: Beginners’ Tips

Here are some useful tips for you to start the game. FOREWARNED is a great 1-4 player co-op survival horror. enjoy the game.   How to beat different Mejai after looting inner tomb. –Necreph in physical form: Use tablet+ with nightvision. Stay quiet, be sneaky. Turn off all lights, torches etc. –Ouphris physical form: Stay quiet and try … Read more

FOREWARNED: All Mejai Types

Here is a simple guide for all Mejai evidence types and Powers in FOREWARNED. About the Game: FOREWARNED is a 1-4 player co-op survival horror. Gear up and delve deep into ancient Egyptian ruins with your team of fellow archaeologists. Investigate the phenomena around you, collect treasure, discover lore, and survive the evil that lurks within. Steam … Read more