FOREWARNED: Basic Guide (Items, Objective, Levers, Traps, Rooms, etc)

The basic guide to forewarned and you. Please leave comments for info you find as well.


The True Basics

Start off in the Tent
Grab your items from your glowing backpack. 3 item limit. You already have your hardhat on always.
Check the objectives
Open the Tomb
Grab Gold/ Grab Objective/ Identify the Mummy
Open the inner chamber
Grab Main Item. If hands full will drop currently held item.
Find the blue lever that appears random on a wall.
Escape the mummy and get to the vehicle. Have to wait for living survivors. You can drop the item off in the car.


Starting Room
Computer: Veiw Lore and Items
Bathroom: Change Appearance in Mirror
Trinkets You Found
Rare Statues you Found (Testing: If this shows items from host or own.)

Items: Shiny Toys

This is all the items and what they do/detect. You do not lose items on death. Check further in guide for objectives/evidence.

Photo Camera: Take Photos of various things
Compass: Directions/Magnetic Distortion. Can detect while on floor and spins

Flash Light: Lighting/Electronic Disturbances
Geiger Counter: Radiation Detection
Handheld Radio: Tunes/Distract Mummy(Testing)
HardHat: Starting Light
Heka Amulet: (Testing)
Lighter: Lighting Torch/Wall Torches (Testing to burn mummy)
Metal Detector: Used to scan for metallic objects
Detects: Wall torch/Other Players/Statues/Gold/Trap Floors/Mummy Identify?/(Testing)

Radar Sensor: Detects on radar map(Testing)
Radar System: Improves info shown(Testing)
Smart Watch: Better voice in game
Tablet: (Testing)
Torch: Light/Set mummy ablaze

Objectives: Earn that EXP

These are some of the objective that appear and how to complete them. It will give you a sound if done right and updates your tasks under L. For photo shots, needs to be decent.

Retrieve the relic of the mejai 1.Get to inner chamber
2. Get to car and drop item close to backend
3. Leave friends behind
Gold: Find the various piles on floor/inside sarcophagus laying on floor.
Doesn’t count for hidden treasure room/hidden room/ gold in coffins
Lore Pages: Blue and looks like scroll
Capture proof of the mejai’s existence: Snap a pic of him.
Shadow form doesn’t count!
Photograph the inner tomb sacrophagus: Open the main door and snap a pic

Gather evidence of preserved remains: Snap a pic of a mummy; Moving or still
Take a picture of the hidden treasury: Snap a pic of inside
Verify reports of past explorations: Snap a pic of a skeleton. 4 spots to find him.
Middle of room pit

Spike Trap Room
Spike Trap Gap
Prisoner Room
Snap a shot of a royal mummy: Blue and Gold
Picture of hieroglyphics: Snap a pic
Hidden objective: Serious…You figure this out, DM me.

Starting Tent: What’s that do

Whats in the tent and what it does.
Your Starting bag: Unless item share is on, its only yours to touch.
Radar: View what happening. Yellow Square: Starting area. Arrows are players(Testing)

Picture Screen: View everyone’s photos, only shows most recent

Objective Screen: Have to select to view objectives

Levers: Were do they go

So far I’ve found 3 different levers. All levers can be either on a wall, behind a burn pillar, or even in the inner chamber. Single player once toggled good. Multiplayer, sync flipping.

Blue Lever: Open the entrance
Blue Lever Inside: Can be anywhere(Testing early detection)
Prisoner/Man Tied: Opens the room to prisoner.
Closed Eye/Line of beads: Opens the hidden treasure room

This shows the level inside the inner chamber

Behind a burn pillar

All leads to the treasure room, a wall will lift up. You can early detect it by looking at the radar and noticing a room that long but you can’t walk in.

Traps: Rock Fall, You Die

These are the various traps I’ve encountered. (Lots of testing still)(Also Damage numbers)

Boulder #1: Gold in path of boulder. Run in and then out to dodge.

Boulder #2: Just run by
Swing Trap: Sometimes has levers. Just wait to pass(Testing)
Floor Spikes: Has gold/Levers/Dead explorer
The room is made up of 16 spaces of spikes. Metal detector is used to get by. Otherwise you walk slowly and if it spikes you, don’t go that way. With the metal detector, its hard to detect while standing without the upgrades. Just crouch and it will show better.
Good to walk 🙂
Bad to Walk 🙁 Doesn’t Matter how much red dots, any is bad.
There are spikes in other places, if I find something of interest, I’ll upload.


Rooms: So many

Don’t know if any rooms symbolize anything yet, just gonna list the ones I’ve found.
Not gonna relist traps or other rooms in guide.

Stairs: Starting Room
Prisoner Room: Need lever to access, has gold/dead explorer)
Big Coffin Room:
Royal Coffin Room:
Room with monkey:
Large Red Pillar:
Room with pit in middle:
Statue Facing Corner:
Statues Facing Away:
Many Coffin Room:
Treasure Across Pit: Not sure how to pass.
Prison Room

Evidence For Mummy: Choose Your Mummymon

These are the different evidence in-game to identify the mummy. (Lots of testing)
Gonna upload sounds/Video later to show whats what. If you have any yourself please DM me.
These [] are what it might sound like text

Destruction – Breaking of pots. [Breaking sound]
Extinguished Flames – Hear a whoosh and blows out flames.[Hard Wind sound] NOT! to be confused with torches just going out.

Reanimation – Moving mummies. (Pic)

Magnetic Distortion – Gurgling sound[Gurgling/Gameboard spinner] Have your compass out and it will spin around a few times. (Testing leaving on floor)
Voices – Talking [Ancient words of scary(Hey)(Whispering)]

Radar Detection – (Testing)

Tremors – [Shaking sounds] Similar to when you first open the door

Disturbed Tombs – Open/closes tombs on there own(Testing)

Radioactivity – Use Geiger counter (Testing)

Metallic Signature – Metal Detector goes off without metal present(Testing)

Footsteps – [Quick Running Sounds] These footsteps are louder then normal ones

Electronic Disturbances – Turns Lights on/off on headlamp/Flashlight (Testing Other devices)

Tips for Mummies Here:

FAQ: Dying, hidden objective, closing

These are some of the questions I’ve asked and been asked to help move things along. A lot of them are already in my guide.

What happens when I die? First, you don’t lose your items/ they don’t downgrade. (testing on harder)
You drop all your items on the floor, gold you picked up, and if you had the main objective item.
If everyone dies, no gold or exp for anyone. If someone survives, exp/gold depending on room
rules. If your in a party, you have the option to be good in blue or bad in red.

Blue or Red door, what should I choose? (Pic) Up to you. (Testing)(Trap damage Testing)
Blue: Gives you gold sense(Symbols) and body block Main Mummy(Testing Damage)
Red: Kill all the other survivors. Burn with torch(Testing Extra exp or not)
Die again: Floating ghost.

Hidden Room/Objective: Still trying to find myself friend.

Difficulties: (Testing)

Cross the pit of spikes: Still Looking

All the different sounds and what they are: Testing

Why does it make a sound when I touch a mummy body? Testing

Thanks to Dragola7 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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