Forager: How to Fix Game Crashing On Startup 2021

Hopefully, this helps people whose game fails to even start; it worked for me after multiple re-installs & deleting of saving data failed.


Getting To Where You Need To Be

To access your saved data, do the following:

1. Press the Windows button in the bottom left of your screen.
2. Type %localappdata% and press enter.
3. Scroll to and open forager.

Replacing The Broken File

After getting to your forager data, you will then want to grab the config file from the official Forager discord, pinned in the bug-reports channel; though I will be including a link to the file as well.

Credit to Nommiin for the file.

Then simply replace the old config file in your AppData forager folder & your game should start!


That’s all, all this method credit to DJ Subatomic Supernova, thanks for the great share. this method is simple but really works now. if it does not work for you or you have any issues to fix. please leave a comment below.

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