For The King II: All Traits List (Closed Beta)

All main info about Traits in FTK2

Note: For The King II is now in closed Beta and will be full released in the future.


Deep Thinker

Recieve +1 max Focus
(For example, if a blacksmith has 3 focus points from the start of the game, then with this skill he will have 4)
Also character recieve the Eureka skill, which gain a chance to fully restore focus during the game


Gain a 25% chance to strike first in combat


Your character recieve +3 to all primary stats


Your character recieve +25 to Luck stat


Recieve +1 Secondary Action in combat


Gain Support Range with any weapon or while unarmed
( Melee characters can attack from ranged positions in combat. )


Gain a chance to buff a random friendly combat tile in combat.

Long Legs

Supplying you with a Support Range Skill, Long Legs lets you join combat from futher away

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