Fishing North Atlantic: How to Catch Fish with Sonar.

This is a guide on how to catch fish with the help of sonar.
I use 40 deeplines, baited with Makerel to catch Tuna.


Get fish on all 40 lines
I start with paying for all tips in all bars.
Then I find the fish on the map.
If it’s Tuna I bait all the Deeplines with Makerel, and if Swordfish bait with Squid.
Then I plot the course and fasttravel to the location of the fish, I stop a bit before I reach the fish (Way pkt. 6 here):

From here I follow the course that go strait over the fish icon on the map.
Going slow, about half the speed of the boat. This is important, if you go full speed you will not have the time to take up all the fish before it start to rot (it’s gone after 26 hours).

Set the sonar to 100 m.

Man the position of the crew.

When you se a fish you can take (Tuna or Swordfish only) drop the line when it’s close to center of the sonar:

I keep going strait as long as I se fish on the sonar, only dropping a line where there is fish.
Then I turn back up with a little distance from the last string if lines.

Here I have sat all 40 lines:

Wait at line 1 until it has been in the water for at least 18-19 hours. Then they start to turn blue. It is now fish in all the one that has turned blue so we can start pulling.

I start pulling and as I go more lines are turning blue:

Keep pulling, more are blue:

And the final lines:

Now I finnish to take all the lines, and all 40 had fish on them. Most of them had 3, and some 2 fish, Se the weight: 32,933.5 kg of fish:

Here is a shot in the port after delivery:

Hope this help somone that can’t get fish.

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