Figment 2 Creed Valley: 100% Achievements Guide

Having trouble with unlocking some achievements? Then this guide is for you. SPOILER ALERT!


Story related achievements (unmissable)

These achievements you will get by simply beating the game, so I won’t get into details and spoil it here – just finish the story and they are all yours.

Black Hog Down

Defeat the Nightmare in Outer Cerebrum

Fight like an idiot

Deal with The Jester in Conviction Lane

Repair the Mind Validation Machine

Complete the Ethics Maze

Elementary, My Dear Dusty

Solve the crime in Principle Square

Flee like an idiot

Encounter The Jester in Limbic Uplands

Dance like an idiot

Dance with The Jester in The Moral Compass Core

I’m Back at the Surface now

Complete the game

The rest (use chapter select if you missed some of these)

Some of these I’m sure you will get naturally while progressing through the game, but if not, here are some tips how to unlock them

Remembering of the past

Unlock your first memory
Solution: Collect 50% of Remembrane Shards in any level – these are the purple orbs that jump out of the stones with a spiral on them when you attack them


Have a Slammer destroy an enemy
Solution: Position yourself in such a way, so the Slammer kills an enemy, it’s easily doable here:

Heavy Thoughts

Use a Thought Block to kill an enemy
Solution: Lure an enemy into a Thought Block, so it kills an enemy, easily doable here:

Ouch, that hurt!

Get hit in the head by a Coco Bulb
Solution: While standing under a Coco Bulb tree, smack it with your sword and let it drop on you, they look like this:


Score a goal in Principle Square
Solution: Hit the football with your sword so you score a goal

You’re a-MAZE-ing!

Complete the entire Ethics Maze without taking any wrong turns
Solution: The solution to these mazes is:


  • ↖️UpLeft – ↗️UpRight – ↗️UpRight – ↖️UpLeft

  • ↗️UpRight – ↗️UpRight – ↖️UpLeft – ↖️UpLeft
  • ↖️UpLeft – ↖️UpLeft – ↗️UpRight – ↗️UpRight – ↗️UpRight

  • ↗️UpRight – ↖️UpLeft – ↖️UpLeft – ↗️UpRight
  • ↗️UpRight – ↖️UpLeft – ↗️UpRight – ↖️UpLeft
  • ↖️UpLeft – ↗️UpRight – ↗️UpRight – ↘️DownRight – ↗️UpRight

A heavy thinker

Enjoy some cerebrum cider in Principle Square
Solution: During the investigation, go to this place (screen becomes gray) and “investigate” the cider


Fulfill the wishes of the Worker Opinion in Principle Square
Solution: When you meet this Opinion, just hit him with your sword – possibly you need to roll and hit him on the head

Patient Listener

Listen through the entire work-life-balance argument
Solution: When you meet these 2 Opinions in Conviction Lane, just stand next to them and listen to the whole discussion (it will loop after a minute or so) and the achievement should pop – DO NOT INTERRUPT THEM UNTIL THE ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKS

Come full circle

Unlock all memories
Solution: Collect 50% of Remembrane Shards in ever level that has them.

Memory Completionist

Get all Remembrane Shards in every level
Solution: Get 100% of the Remembrane Shards in every level that has them. Use chapter select to see where you missed some of them, replay that chapter and collect all of them.

Thanks to Mhmmm for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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