Fetish Locator Week Three: All Endings Guide

Here is a guide on how to get each ending in Fetish Locator Week Three, we highly recommend you buy the walkthrough DLC on Steam, it will save you a lot of time.


All Endings Guide

#1 S&M Studio
Stacy solo ending
Side with Stacy to keep fetish locator files and play till the end refusing all other endings.

#2 Snowy Peaks
Lyssa Solo ending
Date Lyssa, tell her you love her on every occasion, and at the restaurant date you will have the option to run away with her.

Ending 03 – Two Girls, Two ♥♥♥♥♥
Requires dating Stacy & Lyssa, saying Yes to kids with Stacy on Day 14, allowing Lyssa to ♥♥♥♥
you on Day 15, telling Lyssa you love her too on Day 15, going with Stacy to Lyssa’s on Day 17,
and telling Lyssa you love her on Day 17.

Ending 04 – My Sex Dungeon
Requires NTR penis cage, AmRose slave path, dating Stacy, and dating Daisy, and tell the truth
to the police about Lydia abducting you.

Ending 05 – Sausage Party
Requires dating Oliver & Lyssa, allowing Lyssa to ♥♥♥♥ you on Day 15, taking Oliver to Lyssa’s
on Day 17, and telling Lyssa you love her on Day 17.

Ending 06 – Queen’s Harem
Requires LC penis cage, dating Stacy & Min,
$$–You also Need to be Dating/Seeing Daisy to get the Bachelor Party Scene–$$

Telling Lydia that you love her 3 or more times (during Week 2 and Week 3 combined), NOT saying that it’s been fun on Day 19, not telling the police about FL’s wrongdoings,

Lydia being found not guilty, and choosing to propose to Lydia at the courthouse

#7 A new chair
Lydia NTR ending with you as the simp
Must pick NTR at the start, when you get captured by Lydia and she offers you to simp for her for all eternity just take her deal.

Ending 08 – AmRose Solo Ending-
Requires AmRose romance path, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ in AmRose on Day 19, siding with AmRose to delete the FL data on Day 20, and at least 3 of the following:
● Kissed AmRose on Day 14
● Satisfying AmRose while in the cockcage on Day 16
● Tell Lydia the Truth on Day 16
● Did NOT make AmRose watch you with Lydia on Day 16
● Fantasize about AmRose in the spinning chair on Day 16
^^^^This one means tell her how you would “Bang her” (ie 1st choice) not about under the table

Also make sure you don’t run off with anyone else before the trial (doesn’t matter if Lydia goes to jail or goes free)
—-one other side note, even though it’s called AmRose solo ending, Stacy does pay you guys a visit….. so depending……. 😉

#9 Fetish Locator, rebooted
Seems pretty much everyone could be in this ending
Side with Stacy to keep FL files, then at her apartment she will pitch this idea to restart fetish locator with you, her and Amrose, accept.

#10 Runaway
Min solo ending
Date Min and be nice to her, you must pass your semester by having at least 2 teacher votes. After doing it with her in the pool at her house to celebrate, when talking about summer plans ask to run away with her to South Korea.

#11 Red Diamond
Daisy solo ending
Date Daisy, be nice to her and accompany her to the doctor appointments, when doing stuff with her at her dorm you will get the option to run away with her.

#12 Redhead resort
Allison + Vanessa ending
Get involved with both of them and help them mend their relationship, Vanessa will offer you and Allison the chance to move away to the Caribbean together.

#13 Pregnant Nora
Nora solo ending
Must have creampied Nora in Week 1 and agreed to be a dad in Week 2 (you can get these from the questionnaire at the start of the game so no need to replay the first 2 games). When she sells the coffee shop and tells you she’s moving away ask to go with her.

#14 Polly & Nora
Polly + Nora ending
Must NOT have creampied Nora in week 1, date both Polly and Nora, go with them to the ferris wheel, be nice to them, you will have the option to run away with both when Nora sells the coffee shop.

#15 Waterfall
Min + Stacy + Amrose
Be nice to all 3 girls, pass your semester, delete FL files by siding with Amrose, when taking down the grid in Stacy’s apartment you will call Min to talk about starting a spa together, accept.

#16 Breeding ponies
Jessie solo ending
Get involved with Jessie, tell her you love her, and when she tells you she’s moving to a farm and asks you to come with her agree.

Ending 17 – Dahlia Runaway Ending
Requires dating Dahlia, successful resolution of Dahlia & Samiya’s conflict (let them work out
their anger and let them take credit for it) on Day 15, go with Dahlia & Samiya on Day 17, and
not letting Dahlia leave without you on Day 19.

Ending 18 – Quartet
Requires LC penis cage, dating Dahlia, successful resolution of Dahlia & Samiya’s conflict (let
them work out their anger and let them take credit for it) on Day 15, go with Dahlia & Samiya on
Day 17, and getting on the bus to run away with Dahlia, Samiya, and Pete on Day 18.

#19 Worst nightmare
Solo ending (literally)

Note: All the information is credited to penkorvynn and Xhal.


A Step-by-step Guide

Start a new game
Leave all fetishes to no
Don’t pick any girl
All red answers, don’t kiss any girl and Amrose is a slave
Don’t pick any girl
Don’t pick any girl
NTR cage
Not right now
Refuse Lydia’s request
Tell her how you would ♥♥♥♥ her
Leave her wanting more
No questions
Go ♥♥♥♥ yourself
Skip the mini game
Exam answers : pick anything doesn’t matter you will fail your college no matter what at this point.
Side with Stacy
No I don’t want to see that
No thanks
Tell the truth
Tell about Fetish Locator’s wrongdoings

After the court scene you should get the secret ending with no one.

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