Fears to Fathom – Ironbark Lookout: 100% Achievement Guide

A simple guide for all achievements.



In chapter 1 you begin driving the RV, eventually you will stop at the diner for food. In the car park there will be a man eating a burger leaning on his car, simply go up to him and interact with him.


After getting the talkative achievement, walk in to the diner, take a seat, order your meal and once finished eating, request the bill. Make sure to include a tip and the achievement will pop.

Sharp Shooter

Once you get to the lookout tower there is a computer. The password for it is “ironbark11”. Once logged in you can open an application on the desktop called zombies.exe. Simply play the game to rack up a score of 500.

Top of the Mornin’

Now you have access to the computer simply click the application on the desktop saying “EmployeeTraining.mp4” and watch the full video.


In the fourth and final chapter you will start by getting an intercom from Connor about smoke coming from the West. Go outside with the binoculars and look into the distance. You will be prompted to take a photo. Once you take the photo, the flash will alert the cult members and they will start to run to your location. You want to turn around and hide under the bed and make sure you are quiet. The cult member will enter the room looking around for you and then will eventually walk back outside. When outside he will loop to the other side of the stairs. Make sure once the music stops and you can hear him breathing that you come out of your hiding space and go to the door, turn right and run down the stairs. This will prompt him to start chasing you again. Run to the bottom of the stairs and hide in the portable toilet. Wait till he walks away to the storage shed and then exit to the toilet and run to the right down the path towards the exit. The screen will go black and you will be back at the car park. Simply run to the RV, shut the door and click the steering wheel to escape.

Thanks to Bosh for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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