Fears to Fathom Episode 3: How to Survive (Carson House)

Here is a guide on how to survive in the new Episode Carson House.




when you come back from the convenient store:

1. put groceries back in the kitchen
2. look up roy carson divorce on the internet
3. someone will start ringing
4. you can just open, it’s literally just the pizza guy
[you can also speak to him multiple times and just don’t open. He will leave eventually]

5. He will ask you something: no matter what you say, he will leave
6. you now have a pizza
7. if you have the pizza: you need to sit in front of the TV and eat the pizza. If you don’t have the pizza, this sequence won’t happen


1. after a while (of eating the pizza) someone will ring again
2. you can answer the door, however do not open the door
3. on your CCTV you can see someone walking on the right side away behind the house, while a bouquet of flower is lying in front of the door
[if you cannot trigger the next sequence, open the door after talking and not opening multiple times, however, immediately close it after you see the flowers on the ground, afterwards you should start getting messages]

4. soon you will get messages from an unknown sender
[you have to eat the whole pizza before progressing further]

5. you can now sit on your homework and do your homework



1:36 AM

The dog starts barking
Power is off

1. go outside the front door
2. go to the dog
3. put the power back on

4. go back inside the house
5. go back in the computer room
6. continue doing your homework x2
7. after this, “you hear something downstairs”
8. LOOK AT YOUR KITCHEN THROUGH YOUR CCTV -> if you go before looking on your CCTV, you will die in your kitchen
9. turn out the ofen and go back to the computer room



1. open your smartphone (ESC) to send Andy messages
2. after the messages, you will see a woman coming upstairs (on your CCTV)
3. she will enter a room, turn on the TV and then turn it off again
4. she will then leave the room again
5. she will then stand in front of your door which cannot be opened
6. she will then call “Noah?”
7. she will then talk to you if you are inside the computer room
8. you need to talk to her (through the door)
9. you will end up talking about your new girlfriend
10. after you say “you could call the cops” and she said “do it and i will f*cking kill both of you“, the conversation ends
11. go to the next room and hide
12. wait and hide. “if i can’t have you, no one should”
13. as soon as it says “she is out of sight“: Run to the stairs and down the stairs!


Thanks to Ⓜⓘⓢⓒⓗⓝⓤⓢⓢ for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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