Fear & Hunger: Censor Mod (Hiding the 18+ Content)

Would you like to stream/record this game and are scared of showing unintended things to your audience? Or just kinda find it hard to focus when all those THINGS are on screen? Here’s a mod for you~!   Video How to patch your game: Step 1- https://bitbucket.org/SilicaAndPina/rpgmv-decryptor/downloads/ Download this program so you can decrypt your game files … Read more

Fear & Hunger: Linux Native Game Launch

Run the game natively on Linux, with the help of NW.js executable without Steamplay (Proton), use it at your own risk.   Info I tested this with NW.js version 0.57.1, others might or might not work. NW.js versions who were built with node 14 or 16 in mind are more likely to be compatible as … Read more

Fear & Hunger: Renewable Body, Mind, Hunger and Torches Guide

Legitimate ways to infinitely farm body, mind, hunger and torches.   Farming Mind Method 1: 1. Obtain a Sorcerer’s stone (rare chest drop, or buy from the Bug-eyed figurine in Ma’habre for 50 silver coins) alternatively, use an empty scroll O LORD GIVE SORCERER’S 2. Repeatedly enter combat with a door or bars, or a defenceless enemy. … Read more