Fear & Hunger: Censor Mod (Hiding the 18+ Content)

Would you like to stream/record this game and are scared of showing unintended things to your audience? Or just kinda find it hard to focus when all those THINGS are on screen? Here’s a mod for you~!   Video How to patch your game: Step 1- https://bitbucket.org/SilicaAndPina/rpgmv-decryptor/downloads/ Download this program so you can decrypt your game files … Read more

Fear & Hunger: Renewable Body, Mind, Hunger and Torches Guide

Legitimate ways to infinitely farm body, mind, hunger and torches.   Farming Mind Method 1: 1. Obtain a Sorcerer’s stone (rare chest drop, or buy from the Bug-eyed figurine in Ma’habre for 50 silver coins) alternatively, use an empty scroll O LORD GIVE SORCERER’S 2. Repeatedly enter combat with a door or bars, or a defenceless enemy. … Read more