Fear & Hunger 2: Termina – Suspend and Restore Mod

Saving mod respecting the spirit of the game not allowing infinite saving. This mod adds a Suspend option in-game, and a Continue main menu entry allowing to restore the latest suspended game.




Compatibility verified with game build 10443051 / v1.9.1


This mod is a quick and dirty port of a similar mod that was written for F&H.

This mod adds a new option to suspend a game session in a temporary save file, and restore it later on, without needing an in-game item to actually save your game. The `Suspend` option is available in the `Quit` menu in-game. The temporary save file can only be accessed with the `Continue` option in the main menu, and will be deleted once the game is loaded thusly. Don’t forget to actually save using the game’s mechanics at some point.

This mod is useful if you only have time to play in short sessions, or if you really need to leave after playing for 90 minutes without finding a book of enlightenment.

While this mod respects the spirit of the game not to have an unlimited saving system, this is still a single player game – play in a way that satisfies you.


this is almost definitely not compatible with any other mod you may have installed, and vice versa. In case your game breaks, use the `Verify Integrity of game files` option in steam to restore. Note this will uninstall this, and any other mod that you had.

Download the mod here[drive.google.com]. Unzip the archive in the game’s root directory. You can access this directory by right-clicking the game in your steam library, and selecting `Manage > Browse local files`.



  • Fixed performance drop when displaying the list of save files.


  • Incompatible with other mods
  • Possibly incompatible with future game updates. In all cases, if the game updates and the mod breaks, reinstalling it should work.

These issues may or may not be addressed in the future.

Thanks to Twarz#3491 for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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