FATAL FRAME PROJECT ZERO Maiden of Black Water: Lenses and Equipment Upgrades for Camera Obscura

Hello, do you want to *pimp yours Obscura yet you do not know where to find the parts?
Well this guide has you covered, here you will find Lenses and Equipment upgrades for your Obscura. So let’s start readin before we start pimpin…
*…pimp yours Obscura means: “Upgrade your camera.”


What is a Camera Obscura?

It is a device that functions by recording images onto photographic film, however, the Camera Obscura is unique due to its ability to exorcise spirits. By utilizing the various exorcismal powers of the Camera Obscura, one is able to fend off hostile ghosts, as well as capture lingering spirits and receive helpful clues from ghosts that desire to communicate.

Equipment Upgrades

  • 8-Shot Ability (Ren’s Camera)

Upgrade Ren’s Snapshot Enhancement.

  • Evade

Second Drop – Mt.Hikami (Unfathomable Forest – Pure Water Bridge)

  • Festival

Clear all ranked missions in Normal & Nightmare difficulty with a SS rank.

  • Infinite

Clear all ranked missions in Normal & Nightmare difficulty.

  • Measure

Third Drop – Postmortem Photography (Hojo Residence Study)

  • Switch

Second Drop – Mt.Hikami (Pool of Purification)

What Function does the Lenses offer?

Special lenses are also used to cause varying degrees of damage and inflict statuses on ghosts. These lenses can be used when the proper amount of spirit power has been stocked and can be used by pressing a specific button.
Which they have three categories: BlueGreen and Red.

Lenses – Blue

  • Bind

Eleventh Drop – The Shadowborn (House of Joining – Wedding Votive Altar)

  • Reward

Seventh Drop – Maiden of Black Water (Rear shrine)

  • Slow

Sixth Drop – Immortal Flower (Lattice Window Hallway)

  • Voice

Complete 100% of the Archives.

Lenses – Green

  • Butterfly

Clear the game once.

  • Fatal

Get both of Yuri’s endings while wearing her Kimono.

  • Restore

Fourth Drop – Spirited Away (Lower Storeroom – Memento Cloister)

  • See

Complete 100% of the Ghost list.

Lenses – Red

  • Blow

Seventh Drop – Maiden of Black Water (Twilit Peak – Sacrificial Mound)

  • Crush

Fourth Drop – Spirited Away (Shrine of Dolls 1F – Front Shrine)

  • Stun

Second Drop – Mt.Hikami (Pool of Purification)

  • Zero

Twelfth Drop – To the Other Side (Shrine of the Ephemeral 1F – Hanging Well)

Epilogue – Exempli gratia

With this knowledge you are ready to photograph like a true gangsta.


  • The name “Camera Obscura” is Latin for “darkened chamber”, which was the core of every old-style photographic camera.
  • The capture circle in Fatal Frame II is decorated by symbols of the Japanese zodiac such as “rat” (子)“dragon” (辰)“snake” (巳), and “tiger” (寅), and the lens is decorated with symbols representing the 13 Buddhas, a series of funeral rites.

Thanks to 𝓓𝓸𝓑𝓨𝓪𝓗 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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