Farming Simulator 22: How to Remove the Curbs on your Haut-Beyleron Farm (Patch 1.2)

Step by step guide to remove the default farm curbs in Haut-Beyleron (with pictures!)   Intro Curbs. Well they look fine in the Easy mode where your entire farm is pre-built, but what about the rest of us? If you’re anything like me, you like to make your own farm designs… and these curbs just … Read more

Farming Simulator 22: Build-in Cheats Guide (How to Use & Console Commands)

Get money, fill your vehicle with anything, spawn bales and pallets, change time, teleport, run faster than any car – all directly in game with no external applications.   One time setup Enable developers console First we want to enable developers console that can be opened using backtick (`) key – tilde (~) key without holding … Read more

Farming Simulator 22: Best Time to Sell Product

This guide ranks the best months for selling each product from January to December in Farming Simulator 22.   January Highest Prices +Wheat +Barley +Oat +Sorghum +Corn +Potatoes +Sugar Beet (Normal/Cut) +Wood Chips +Silage +Grass +Hay +Straw +Flour +Bread +Manure +Slurry +Digestate Lowest Prices -Raisins February Highest Prices +Silage +Grass +Hay +Straw +Grape Juice +Lettuce … Read more

Farming Simulator 22: All Collectibles Locations

This guide shows you the location of all collectibles on Elm Creek, Haut Beyleron and Erlengrat.   Farming Simulator 22 All Collectibles Locations Elm Creek Haut Beyleron Erlengrat Thanks to Hacki_van_Bane for his great guide on how to find all collectibles, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. … Read more

Farming Simulator 22: Production Chain & Sales Guide

Here is a full list of all production chain and sales in Farming Simulator 22.   Production Chain & Sales Guide Production Chains Biogas plant 99 KW, 250 KW or 500 KW Sugar beet cut, liquid manure, dung, silage → biogas, electric charge, fermentation residues Morgan’s Bakery”. Sugar, milk, flour, strawberries, eggs, butter → cakes, … Read more

Farming Simulator 22: Haut-Beyleron Cartridge Achievement “Game On”

Haut-Beyleron all cartridge achievement   Map 1. Fresh Fruit Farmers 2.Harp Lifter 3.Tractor Turbo Challenge 4.Tractor Transport Service 5.Vertical Farming 6.Farm Crisis III 7.Quest for the Emerald Duck 8.Hyper Cropping 9.Pasture Sovereign 10.Road Race Ratooning 11.Caverns of Underelm 12.Wheat Gobbler 13.Mechanized Agriculture 14.AgriPinballDX 15.Trap Crop 16.Space Cultivator 17.Ultimate Tomato 18.Plowin’Golf 19.Get Off My Field 20.Pezzt … Read more

Farming Simulator 22: How to Accelerate Steering Wheel Return

Here is a guide for the acceleration of steering wheel return in drawing range.   Steering wheel return force If you are playing the keyboard, you may need to change the steering wheel return force parameter. With the changed parameter, it will be much easier to steer vehicles. Open the file in Notepad. %UserProfile%\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2022\gameSettings.xml   … Read more