Fantasi Tiga Kerajaan Perang Codes (January 2024): Redeem Now!

Exciting news for all “Fantasi Tiga Kerajaan: Perang” players! Get ready to enhance your gaming experience with the latest gift code. This code is a fantastic way to boost your journey in this epic Three Kingdoms adventure.

All codes below work in the latest version of game


Current Redeem Code for Fantasi Tiga Kerajaan:Perang

Act quickly to use this code, as they typically have limited validity periods.

Active Redeem Codes:


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Expired Redeem Codes:

  • nothing here

These codes are gateways to unlocking exciting in-game items and boosts, so make sure to redeem them promptly!

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How to Redeem the Code

Redeeming your code in “Fantasi Tiga Kerajaan:Perang” is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Avatar: Click on your avatar in the game.
  2. Pengaturan (Settings): Go to the settings menu.
  3. Tukar GP (Redeem GP): Find and select the redeem GP option.
  4. Enter Code: Type in FTK4MWDG and confirm to redeem your rewards.


Game Description

Fantasi Tiga Kerajaan: Perang immerses players in a world inspired by the legendary Three Kingdoms. This game offers:

  • 1000 Free Draws: A massive opportunity to recruit a wide array of heroes.
  • Warsaint GuanYu: Obtain this powerful hero as a Day 7 login reward.
  • 1000k Sycees: Share in this grand prize pool by pre-registering.

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