Exoprimal: Toes Tier List

This goes over the each exosuits’ toes for aesthetics and functionality to help you choose an exosuit to defend yourself against dinosaurs!   Introduction Are you having issues choosing a suit? Same! So I usually decide to base it on aesthetics and apparent functionality of the most important foundation of bipedal movement: toes. Tier List … Read more

Exoprimal: Exosuit Guide (Abilities and Their Potential Modules)

In this guide, I will explain every exosuit, their abilities, and potential modules for their abilities. (Work in progress)   Deadeye About the Exosuit A user-friendly, all-purpose exosuit. Excels at medium and long-distance combat. Role: Assault Primary Weapon: Assault rifle (Ravager) Health: 500 Ravager An assault rifle that can be fired full auto. Aim down … Read more