Evil Genius 2: How to Rotate the Camera in Build Mode

How to get camera rotation in build mode, get a smoother rotation, and other quality of life improvements.


Root cause

The problem is in the default keybinding. Q and E are assigned to camera rotation AND to left/right tab, so when you are in build mode the latter takes precedence and you can’t rotate the camera anymore.

There’s other poor keybinding choices there. Honestly, I don’t understand how the devs did not spot this during playtesting. The default settings and keybindings make it hard to enjoy the game as they are. I hope this guide becomes obsolete as soon as a patch is released and the default values changed. Until that happens, see below how to fix the issue.

Camera rotation in build mode

1. Go to Options > Gameplay options > Input binding settings > Edit.

2. Scroll down until you find Tab left and Tab right and see the guilty assignment.

3. Change them to buttons you won’t use – I used O and P for mine. Then click Commit.

Smoother camera rotation

1. Go to Options > Accessibility options, and scroll down to Camera rotation speed scale.

2. Set it to a higher value. I recommend 150 to 200%. Then click Back.

Bonus: tilt camera from the keyboard

Holding the middle button and moving the mouse is a pain, especially during build mode. Let’s fix that.

1. Go to Options > Gameplay options > Input binding settings > Edit.

2. Assign R and F to Rotate camera up and Rotate camera down. Not perfect, but at least I can do everything camera-related with my left hand.

3. Confirm any warning message.

4. Click Commit

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