EVERSPACE 2: How to Beat Lunacy 500 Ancient Rifts (Recommended Build)

Beating Lunacy 500 for the achievement (and to guarantee legendaries) is not easy. I’ve tried several different ship builds but kept struggling with survivability, until I discovered the powerful synergies possible with the Stinger subclass   Get a level 4 Stinger ship Level 4 ships are currently the highest rarity ship available as of 1.0 … Read more

EVERSPACE™ 2: Commodity Demand Guide

Guide is complete for now. Aethon is not currently accessible and will probably be future DLC   Introduction Commodities’ demand generally remains fixed across systems and does not dynamically change as you buy and sell stuff. So trading is a great way to build up some credit flow especially in the beginning to afford your … Read more

EVERSPACE 2: Beginners’ Guide

This guide explains a lot of the nuances in Everspace 2 that never made it into the manual and will hopefully remove a bit of frustration so you understand what / when to do things. This will only get you through the first part to when you jump into Union. From there in you’re on … Read more

EVERSPACE 2: How to Complete “Lost Cargo” Jobs

Probably many pilots had a problem with performing Lost cargo side tasks from G&B, which are offered in a location called Nephtys Plains.   So, you took the task to search for cargo, flew to the desired location, but in the places where the marker points, there are only debris or a large asteroid. Are … Read more