Eternights: Kafka Lab’s Maths/Numpads Puzzles Answers (Act 4)

*Spoiler Warning* For anyone who’s having trouble with the Math/Numpad puzzles in act 4 you’re not alone. Here are the answers for them.


1st Numpad Puzzle

1st Numpad Puzzle – This one’s straight forward just enter the numbers that can be found in the room. Still having trouble, Then just enter this 3345

2nd Numpad Puzzle

2nd Numpad Puzzle – EFGH = 6128

3rd Floor tile Puzzle

3rd The Floor Tiles Puzzle – Front: A+B+D-C Right: E+F+G-H – From the green arrow on the ground walk forward 7 tiles than walk to your right one step.

Thanks to Nick iz Legend for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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