Eternal Dread 3: All Outfits Guide

Want to get all outfits in game? Then have a look!   outfits/armors list Armors of the same type with different colors count as one. outfits/armors list: Warrior Armor Ranger Armor Mage Armor Winged Armor Falcon Armor Guardian Armor Sage Armor Leather Armor Battle Armor Angel Paradise Uniform Gladiator Armor Elite Warrior Armor Noble Armor … Read more

Eternal Dread 3: 100% Achievement Guide

Here you’ll find all Locations & Descriptions needed in order to fully complete your journey. Since the game lacks a bit of context for some towards the end, I decided to give it a brief guide! Story Achievements You’ll automatically unlock these by beating the game, simply follow your quest marks. ¬†Resourceful ¬†Goblin Slayer ¬†Friend … Read more