Eternal Dread 3: How to Modify Your Data File

Simply modify your data file with only Notepad to get money, skill points, items etc.   Warning 1. If you want to fully enjoy the game, then you should leave this page and play the game normally. 2. Always remember to back up your UserData file first before you modify it. Locate your UserData file … Read more

Eternal Dread 3: All Outfits Guide

Want to get all outfits in game? Then have a look!   outfits/armors list Armors of the same type with different colors count as one. outfits/armors list: Warrior Armor Ranger Armor Mage Armor Winged Armor Falcon Armor Guardian Armor Sage Armor Leather Armor Battle Armor Angel Paradise Uniform Gladiator Armor Elite Warrior Armor Noble Armor … Read more

Eternal Dread 3: 100% Achievement Guide

Here you’ll find all Locations & Descriptions needed in order to fully complete your journey. Since the game lacks a bit of context for some towards the end, I decided to give it a brief guide! Story Achievements You’ll automatically unlock these by beating the game, simply follow your quest marks. ¬†Resourceful ¬†Goblin Slayer ¬†Friend … Read more