Erzurum: Meteorite Guide

An overhead map and simple pointers for the collectible meteorites.


Foreword / World Map

Erzurum‘s simple story of wintry survival takes place against a fictional take of the county of Aşkale located in Erzurum, Turkey. As well as a rather short story mode, the game also offers an endless mode and various challenges. Shared between the modes, there are thirty meteorites to collect that primarily serve as enhancers for the player character’s stats but are also a requirement for unlocking six of the game’s achievements.

No matter which mode is chosen, the world map, the structures and collectibles remain the same. The following overhead map can also be used for orientation since the game does not show or mark the structures unless the player finds them through exploration.

The map is divided into four parts for easier navigation. The meteorites are marked as red dots. The clock-wise numbering is there for the individual reference shots within the guide and loosely follows the path set by the story mode. The meteorites emit a fairly strong, strobing blue light which is especially noticable in the dark, so it is better to go for them under clear skies between the dusk and the dawn. They also show up as blue dots on the minimap, strobing as they are, as long as they are in the covered range.

Apart from #15 (which absolutely requires collecting #29 that grants a higher jump), all the meteorites that require some kind of platforming can be reached with a running start and precise timing. You may, of course, pick up #29 before trying for them to save yourself the frustration.

Aşkale: NE > SE

1) Right above the tunnel your adventure starts in. (+10% cold resistance cap.)
2) On the roof of the (unmarked) mosque next to the railroad track. (+10% stamina)

3) Down the hill covered by the eastern radio station. (+10% stamina)
4) Alongside the eastern border. (+10% water consumption cap.)

5) On the roof of one of the stone houses. (+10% food consumption cap.)
6) Along the hillside covered by the eastern watchtower. (+10% water consumption cap.)

7) Amid a grove located near another stone house. (+10% food consumption cap.)
8) On the roof of the gas station. (+10% water consumption cap.)

9) Hidden amid a grove on the southeastern hills. (+10% water consumption cap.)
10) Lying in the open on the southeastern hillls. (+10% stamina)

11) Near the southeastern border. (+10% food consumption cap.)
12) Hidden amid a grove near the railroad track. (+10% stamina)

13) On top of a pillar next to the abandoned factory. (+25% max. health)
14) On the roof of the warehouse. (+5 kg backpack cap.)

Aşkale: SW > NW

15) On top of a pillar near the substation. (+5 kg backpack cap.) – req. higher jump, see #29.
16) Near the northwestern border next to the substation. (+2°C body heat)

17) Alongside the western border. (+10% food consumption cap.)
18) On top of a pillar found on the southwestern hills. (+25% max. health)

19) Hidden amid a grove near the central watchtower. (+10% water consumption cap.)
20) Hidden amid a grove at the foot of the northwestern hills. (+10% water consumption cap.)

21) Lying in the open near a wooden shack. (+10% food consumption cap.)
22) On a slope right above the stone tower. (+10% sprint cap.)

23) Along the hillside leading to the western radio station. (+10% cold resistance cap.)
24) On top of one of the masts of the western radio station. (+2°C body heat)

25) Down the hillside in line with the northwestern watchtower. (+10% sprint cap.)
26) On top of the northwestern watchtower. (+25% max. health)

27) Down the hill near the stone house located in northwest. (+10% cold resistance cap.)
28) On the roof of the wooden structure next to the same stone house. (+5 kg backpack cap.)

29) Near the northwestern border. (+25% jump height)
30) Right behind the crash site. (+10% stamina)

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