ENDLESS™ Legend: Ardent Mages Guide

This guide will give you a sense of general direction on how to play the Ardent Mages.
There are also tips and guidelines on Strategy, Military and Economy for you to consider.
I hope this guide gives you a deeper understanding and many victories while playing the Ardent Mages.


Ardent Mages


Ardent Mages depend on the use of pillars and spells to gain an advantage. They start off with two pillars and two spells, but can end with five pillars and five spells to choose from. This means that the Ardent Mages become more flexible and powerful as the match progresses.
Dust is used to activate this unique trait and increase its power (Arcane level).

Aredent Mages are considered to be an advanced race, because they require the player to make tough decisions throughout the match.


Ardent Mages start weak and have to use their starting pillars and spells to catch up to be effective in the mid-game. While other races gain multiple passive traits, the Ardent Mages have only one (the pillars and spells).

Therefore it is recommended to start off playing defensively, while slowly shifting your play style to your circumstances. You’ll want to focus on science and exploration in the beginning. Ardent Mages are and advanced race, because it will be up to you when to research new pillars and spells, and when to use them.


Compared to the other races, the Ardent Mages have a lot of unique technologies to choose from.
Looking at it chronologically through the era’s, your technologies will give you the following benefits:
Era I: Science, map movement, unit defense, and attack.
Era II: Influence, nerfing enemy units, and spells level up.
Era III: Dust, unit damage, and pillars level up.
Era IV: Food, Unit healing, and spells level up.
Era V: Pillars level up.


Early game

  • Research “Search Party” and “Language Square” first.
  • Explore your entire continent as fast as possible.
  • Prioritize science to quickly go to Era II.
  • Expand to a new area.
  • Develop your Main Quest to 1/3

Mid game

  • Upgrade your cities.
  • If combat is immanent, upgrade your arcane level, otherwise boost your economy through influence.
  • Develop your Main Quest to 2/3

End game

  • Determine what victory point you want to pursue, then research the required technology.
    Elimination / Supremacy > Extraction pillar (Era III) + Military
    Expansion > Regeneration Pillar (Era IV) + Empire and Expansion
    Economy > Extraction pillar (Era III) + Regeneration Pillar (Era IV)
    Diplomatic > Influence pillar (Era II) + Empire and Expansion
    Wonder / Quest > Regeneration Pillar (Era IV) + Science & Industry
    Science > Science & Industry
  • Finish your main quest.


As a rule of thumb I use 0 as the lowest possible stat and 50 as highest stat, without including HP and Speed.

Ardent Mage units are glass cannons. They pack a mean punch, but are weak when receiving damage. All units posses the Ardent Fire ability. It converts a percentage of lost life to their attack. This means the chance to hit, not the damage.
To effectively use this ability, it is recommended to equip your units with armor that increases life and defense. This will increase their longevity during combat so that they can deal the maximum amount of damage, while profiting from the Ardent Fire ability.
Make sure to prepare the battlefield with spells to gain an advantage during combat.

A very strong unit overall, though lacking on the defensive side. It can either do massive melee damage, or function as a cavalry counter. With their low initiative they will mostly start last, so make sure they have enough hit points to survive for as long as possible.

Similar to the Telsem Warlock, only ranged and equipped with spells. The Fire Rain ability allows them to deal AoE damage. Consider equipping them with the magewand so to weaken the enemy, thus empowering your Ardent Fire ability even more.
You might even think about not using the Ateshi Zealot at all, because of its lack in hit points.

A very strong end game unit, capable of abusing its Ardent Fire ability in combination with its revive ability. Make sure to increase its initiative so that it may strike right after it revives from its egg.


Your tactics will very much depend on your game situation. Eneqa Wing will be your go to, but they’re expensive and might take a while to upgrade before they will dominate battles. Telsem Warlocks will go a long way, so produce plenty of them while giving support with a single Ateshi Zealot.

The unit balance of your army and weapon choice should be something like this:

  • Telsem Warlock – 75% Equip them to be durable, focusing on Hit Points and Armor.
  • Ateshi Zealot – 10% Equip for maximum damage output and weakening the enemy units.
  • Eneqa Wing – 15% and increase the amount the more you can sustain. Equip them on all fronts to become durable killing machines.


Science and exploration will be your focus to initiate your development with. Rush towards Era II where you will gain an economic boost through your Influence pillar. When you reach Era III you’ll have a decision to make. Either go for Dust or Food depending on your situation and research the pillars accordingly.

Economy Priority

  • Science – To rush to Era II
  • Influence – Use this to boost your economy through the Empire Plan.
  • Dust  or Food – A difficult choice. Consider if you’ll be fighting or expanding.
  • Industry – Last but not least. You’ll be needing industry to make buildings and units. Other resources have a higher priority due to the pillar boost they can receive.


Era I

  • +5 on Cities
  • +50% on Cities

Blood Crystal 

  • +10  on Cities
  • +25%  on Units

Titan Bones 

  • +10  on Cities
  • +50%  on Cities

Era IV
Dust Orchid 

  • +10  on Cities
  • +20% 


  • +10  on Cities
  • +50%  on Cities

Thank you for reading, I hope this guide helps you in your future games. If you have any questions or comments I’ll try to answer as soon as I can.

Thanks to DimensiO for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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