Enderal Forgotten Stories (Special Edition): All Bonus Memory Points Guide (How to Get)

In need of that extra Memory Point for a perk or a new skill from a book? Don’t want to spend time grinding enemies? Well no worries, This guide shows you how to get all 11 bonus Memory Points from books and quests.


Books available from the start

  • Old Farm

  • Yero’s Cellar (Below Yero’s House)

  • During the quest Put Off The Evil Hour: If you bought the roots from Kabar, talk to him and give him another 300 pennies to pay his debt      Was bugged in my playthrough, wasn’t able to talk to Kabar after the quest ended. Bug was supposedly fixed in the LE version of Enderal but it’s possible the bug stayed in SE.
  • South of Castle Firerock (Behind a boat at the coast -> At the base of a fallen tree -> On a chest next to a lion statue)

  • Ark’s Last Watch (West Gatehouse)

Books only available in Act 4 (Spoilers ahead!)

  • Starcity exterior (Right and upstairs of the landing pad, hidden in some bushes)
  • Starcity Mechanical Halls
  • Sun Temple Vault (Inside of the emporium basement, next to a haystack)
  • City of Thousand Floods


2 Memory Points from the Lost Hearts quest

To start this quest, you need to first visit one of 4 wishing wells placed around Enderal. Each well will give you a riddle, which you must solve and then go back to the well with an appropriate item.

You are then given a choice of either money, an artefact or knowledge. 2 of the wells provide a Memory Point each, with the rest giving you a number of Learning Points instead when choosing knowledge.

The wells that give you Memory Points are:

  • Wishing Well: Deep Digger’s Hollow

    Item needed – Broken Soul Gem (Found with entropist mages throughout Enderal, as well as in the Library part of the Destroyed Abbey)

    Location of the well – Follow the path south from Deep Digger’s Gouge. The well will be on the right side of the path

  • Wishing Well: Powder Desert

    Item needed – Golden Statue (Found on Ishmartep after killing him in Old Ishmartep)

    Location of the well – North from Soul Bed, go right after seeing a sign post pointing towards Silvergrove. The well is on the right side of the path.

Thanks to crow__bar for his great guide, all credit to his effort. also thanks to SureAI for providing us this great game as well as their wiki. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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