Enclave: How to Fix “could not create hardware accelerated Direct3D Device” Issue

Here is a simple tutorial on how to fix to could not create hardware accelerated Direct3D Device crash.


How I got the problem
I play from a laptop and the default setting was my integrated graphics card, and when I changed it to my GeForce GTX 960M, the game didn’t start and this message showed up : could not create hardware accelerated Direct3D Device

The fix
1. Go to your library
2. Right click on enclave
3. Manage ->Browse local files
4. Open environment.cfg with a text editor ( like notepad)
5. Change the value of the VID_RENDER to Direct3D11 ( so it’s line should look like this : VID_RENDER=Direct3D11 )

5.b( probably OpenGL as the value also works, but I did not try it)

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