EmyLiveShow S&M story: Choices Cheat Guide

This is a cheat guide for all the choices on whether they give you S or M points.



Welcome to the Cheat guide for EmyLiveShow: S&M Story. Here you will find all the choices required to get certain S or M points to get the ending you want.

For people going for the achievements, instead of writing a full achievement guide this might be a bit easier to follow; As to get all the achievements you need to go through every dialogue in the game anyway. So with this you can just use it as a reference when going for certain achievements. It will require a lot of play-throughs to get everything but the game features a skip button on everything that you already read, so after your first S and first M play-through, you’ll notice each game only takes about 5 minutes each.

The S story follows Nia, while the M story follows Emy.


The items give 2 points to either S or M when used instead of 1, so when going for the full S or M play-through make sure to always choose the options to use an item.

  • Fan Badge – Obtained from the girl on the train. Use this at the Park.
  • Mysterious Elixir – Obtained by the hunter in the alley. Use this at the S ending.
  • Unread Message – Obtained from the Hotel Concierge. Use this at the Bar with Emy.
  • Photo of the Missing – Obtained at the end of the first day in the hotel room. Use this at the Archive.
M Items
  • VIP Flyer – Obtained from the girl on the train. Use this at the Club.
  • Moon Choker – Obtained from the girl at the shop. Use this at the M ending.
  • V Coin – Obtained when grabbing a bite to eat. Use this at the Shopping Mall.
  • Cocktail Straw – Obtained from the Restaurant. Use this at the Pool.

S Choices

Day 1
  • Encourage her with a couple of leading questions
  • Take the badge with the Emy logo (Acquired Badge Item)
  • Offer the guy help with the bags
  • Grab a bite (Acquired V Coin Item)
  • Shorten the way through the backstreets (Acquired Elixir Item. This did not appear in my first play-through)
  • Agree
  • Leave a notification for later (Acquired Unread Message Item)
  • Sincerely get angry about the invasion
  • Keep walking in the park
  • Try to find out something specific anyway (Uses Badge Item)
  • Search for various stories about N city (Acquired Photo of the Missing Item)
Day 2
  • Tell that I already talk to Nia
  • Go the the town archive
  • Start with a photo of the missing (Uses Photo of the Missing Item)
  • Regular coffee would be better
  • Go to the bar
  • Finally check inbox (Uses Unread Message Item)
Day 3
  • It’s time to get up!
  • Donate for… something?
  • Drink the elixir obtained from the hunter (13 S and Elixir required for this)

M Choices

Day 1
  • Wait for her to collect her thoughts
  • Take the flyer with ornate writings (Acquired VIP Flyer Item)
  • Just wait for the end of the story
  • Grab a bite (Acquired V Coin Item)
  • Walk along the shopping street (Acquired Moon Choker Item. This option took a couple play-throughs to appear)
  • Refuse
  • Check the notification now
  • Stay gentle and be polite
  • Explore the mysterious club closer
  • Well, actually, I have this piece of paper lying around (Uses VIP Flyer Item)
  • Search for recordings of Emy and Nia’s streams
Day 2
  • Start explaining about your blog
  • Visit the nearest Shopping Mall
  • Buy your right to be left alone (Uses V Coin Item)
  • Sounds Delicious! (Acquired Cocktail Straw Item)
  • Go the to Pool
  • Decorate the most beautiful cocktail with a straw (Uses Cocktail Straw Item)
Day 3
  • Five more minutes….
  • Relieve Sexual Tension
  • Check the work of the amulet (13 M and Choker required)

Thanks to NutellaOrgies for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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