Empyrion Galactic Survival: Configure a Dedicated Server for a Scenario

A Basic Guide on Dedicated Server Configuration for Custom Scenarios


Basic Info

I Made this Guide as many people have asked how to setup a server to run my Scenarios

Configuring Your Dedicated Server

Download and Copy the Scenario from the Workshop to your server’s Scenario Folder and rename the Workshop Numbered Folder to Anything ( you will select this in the dedicated.yaml file)


All dedicated Servers Require a dedicated.yaml
below is a sample config
    Srv_Port: 30000
    Srv_Name: 'Private Server'
    Srv_Public: true
    Srv_Password: 1234
    EACActive: true
    MaxAllowedSizeClass: 0
    AllowedBlueprints: All
    HeartbeatServer: 0
    TimeoutBootingPfServer: 180
    Tel_Port: 26604
    Srv_MaxPlayers: 10
    SaveDirectory: Saves
    Srv_StopPeriod: 24
    Srv_ReservePlayfields: 1
    Srv_Description: 'Hosted by '
    Tel_Enabled: true
    KickPlayerWithPing: 1000
    LogFlags: 0
    HeartbeatClient: 0
    GameName: SaveGameName
    Mode: Survival
    Seed: 33564
    CustomScenario: Starscorcher_Universe


You need to Set the details to match your servers
Port Numbers, Passwords, etc
the GameName name needs to be Unique for every game you run as this is the save folder location
CustomScenario is the same of the scenario folder you set earlier when you copied the scenario to the server

Note: if you dont rename the workshop folder from the random numbers ie 23456787 it will cause a loading loop for the scenario and wont run corectly


Setting Game Options
eg. gameoptions.yaml

## the game takes the one from the scenario and stores it in the savegame folder, you can edit the file there, restart the server for changes to take effect

- ValidFor:
  - SP
  - MP
  - Survival
  ProtectTime: 0
  ProtectDelay: 0
  MaxStructures: 700
  AntiGriefDistancePvE: 0
  AntiGriefDistancePvP: 0
  AntiGriefOresDistance: 0
  AntiGriefOresZone: All
  EnableMaxBlockCount: false
  AutoMinerDepletion: false
  GroundedStructureSpawn: false
  FriendlyFireInPvP: false
  DespawnEscapePod: true
  RegeneratePOIs: true
  OriginFactionStart: true
  DiffEscapePodContent: Easy
  DiffPlayerProgression: Faster
  DiffDegradationSpeed: Low
  DiffPlayerBackpackDrop: DropBagOnly
  DiffFoodConsumption: Low
  DiffOxygenConsumption: Low
  DiffRadiationTemperature: Low
  DiffAmountOfOre: Rich
  DiffNumberOfDeposits: Plenty
  DiffAttackStrength: Hard
  DiffDronePresence: High
  DiffDroneBaseAttack: High
  DiffConstrCraftTime: Faster
  DiffBpProdTime: Faster
  ProtectTime: 0
  AntiGriefDistancePvE: 0
  GroundedStructureSpawn: False
  EnableTrading: All
  ForcePvP: false
  UndergroundBpSpawn: Always
  EnableVolumeWeight: False
  EnableCPUPoints: False

By Starscorcher

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