Empire of Sin: How to enable the Dev Menu

This guide will teach you how to enable and use the developer menu.   Enabling The Dev Menu Enabling the Dev menu is relatively easy. I *strongly* recommend using Notepad++. Open the following file in Notepad++: X:\Users\<User>\AppData\LocalLow\RomeroGames\EmpireOfSin\Settings.json In this file you will find a setting called “developerMode”. Set it to “true” DO NOT CAPITALIZE! You … Read more

Empire of Sin: Stashes Guide (Everything you need to know)

Everything you need to know about stashes that can be found around the map.   What are Stashes? Where can I find them? Stashes are loot boxes that can be found around the map. These loot boxes are usually labelled as “Big Jim’s Stash”, but more rare ones can be found like “Dillinger’s Drop”. There … Read more

Empire of Sin: How to Make Money Quickly

This is a quick guide on how to make easy money in empire of sin by using trading   Trading swill at whisky prices This can be done Regardless of which boss you choose Once you have finished the tutorial (or skipped it) start exploring the map. Depending on your game settings The neighbourhood you … Read more