Empire of Sin: Stashes Guide (Everything you need to know)

Everything you need to know about stashes that can be found around the map.


What are Stashes? Where can I find them?
Stashes are loot boxes that can be found around the map. These loot boxes are usually labelled as “Big Jim’s Stash”, but more rare ones can be found like “Dillinger’s Drop”.

  • There are generally multiple of these in every neighborhood. So explore immediately and explore quickly.
  • The major AI factions will attempt to collect these as well, so it is important for you to collect them quickly.
  • They’re always guarded by at least one Thug and can be found by exploring the map (revealing the fog) and looking for these grey dots on the map (see screenshot below).

The screenshot below depicts a very lucky find. Four separate stashes in a large train-yard area.

Types of Stashes
Standard Stashes

There are multiple types of stashes. Most are labelled “Big Jim’s Stash” and they will give various items (Weapons, Armor, explosives, healing, etc). For these types of stashes, the color indicates their general value (blue typically gives blue items, purple typically gives purple items, etc).

Legendary/Named Stashes

There are however, certain legendary stashes that can be found. These stashes will generally be orange/yellow in color and have their own special names.

Rewards I have gotten from such stashes:

  • $50,000 (Dillinger’s Drop)
  • Ability to hire any gangster (money permitting). Basically it removed the notoriety requirement.
  • +250 Reputation with the Police (which gave access to the police shop which was basically a second black market).

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