Emily is Away <3:How to get the Good Ending FOR REAL

Here is a guide on how to get the actual good ending from Emily is Away <3.   Alright, what do I need to do then? Now, here’s the tricky part. We kept looking at save files and trying to deduce what exactly caused good endings, but that wasn’t it, with some code digging on … Read more

Emily is Away <3: How to Get the [Redacted] Achievement

This is will show you how to get the rickrolled achievement.   Achievement In chapter 2, click on Mat Gursky’s profile. You will see someone named Steve Dreyer posting on Mat’s wall. Click on Steve’s profile. Look at Steve’s friend list, and click on Krill Sprealy’s profile. On Krill’s profile, click on the pic that … Read more

Emily is Away <3: 100% Achievement Guide

A guide to tell you how to get 100% achievement completion on Emily is Away <3. HINT: It’s pretty straight forward. Introduction Hey guys, this is my achievement guide for Emily is Away <3! While I feel like Emily and Emily Too had harder secret achievements, I still thought I’d make a guide for any … Read more

Emily is Away <3: All Secrets (How to Unlock)

All of the elusive seeecreetts and how to unlock them.   Secrets Obviously these aren’t all of the secrets in the game (yet) If you find any, put them in the comments and I’ll add them to the guide and credit you. Keywords ‘dog‘ – Unlocks the “Can you pet the Dog?” app. ‘farm‘ – … Read more