Elephantasy: Map (Keys, Gems Pot Warp Zones, Whistle Warps, and Mole Locations)

This is simply a map to show points of interest. Gems, keys, pot warp zones, whistle warps, and mole locations are shown here.



Hello everyone, and welcome to my first guide! Mind you, it isn’t much of a guide. This is merely a visual representation of points of interest. It uses in-game maps that I modified via Paint. Classy, I know. Still, I figure that it’ll serve for providing some guidance without spoiling too much.

Elephantasy is a game that rewards exploration, and I highly recommend searching thoroughly before resorting to this map! If you get well and truly stuck, then I hope it helps! You might also find it useful to have on hand if you’ve already found the maps in-game.

There are two locations in Elephantasy that have grids with squares colored in. One has the green, orange, and white squares. The other has the blue squares. I took a screen capture of the former map and added in the rest of the details. The blue outlines are accurate to how they are on the second grid, but I made them outlines to show that I drew them in, along with not wanting to cover up the other colors some of the squares had. I also added in the brown outlines to help with a sidequest. The pink outline is more for a point of reference.

You can use this grid to compare to the Room Map that appears when you press ‘Tab.’ Since the grids in-game can only be seen in one location each, it might be useful to have a(n altered) copy here for quick reference.

The Map

Pink: Your starting location; this is where you will warp by default if you hold down ‘S’ long enough.
Green: Gem
Orange: Key
Blue: Warp Pot
White: Whistle Warp
Brown: Mole

Thanks to Celtic7Guardian for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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