Eden’s Ritter Paladins of Ecstasy Walkthrough (Endings & Achievements Guide)

Here is a full walkthrough with endings and achievements for game.


True Ending
Start a new game.
✘︎ Save 1

  • Go on the attack and end this

Escar-got’em Defeat Xenoslug.

✘︎ Save 2

  • Try a different spell

Flower Power Defeat Xenoplant.

✘︎ Save 3

  • Finish the job

If You Love Them… Defeat Xenocorn.

✘︎ Save 4

  • Cauterize the wounds

Dehydration Defeat Xenohydra.

✘︎ Save 5

  • Stay calm and fight wisely

Wild Stallion Defeat Xenodragon.

✘︎ Save 6

  • Don’t give up

A Friend in Need Defeat Xenoarmor.

✘︎ Save 7

  • Go east

✘︎ Save 8

  • Attack the eye

I Spy with my Xenoeye Defeat Xenoeyes.

✘︎ Save 9

  • ……

Co-nun-drum Defeat Dark Nephilim.

✘︎ Save 10

  • Reach out

Knight of Paradise Complete Eden’s Ritter: Paladins of Ecstasy.

Bad Endings and Cleanup
Load 7

  • Go south

✘︎ Save 11

  • Burn every last ounce of magic

Quit or continue with another route after unlocking the achievement.

On the Shoulders of Giants Defeat Xenogigas.

Load 11

  • Fight smart and look for a chance

Fee Fi Fo Fum Reach the Bad End after going South.

Load 10

  • ……

I am Legion Reach the Bad End for Legion.

Load 9

  • ……Apologize.

Darkness Prevails Reach the Bad End for Dark Nephilim.

Load 8

  • Pile on more spells

Don’t Blink Reach the Bad End after going East.

Load 6

  • Give up

Killjoy Reach the Bad End for Xenoarmor.

Load 5

  • Charge in and land the final blow

Belly of the Beast Reach the Bad End for Xenodragon.

Load 4

  • Pierce it through its heart

Neck and Neck Reach the Bad End for Xenohydra.

Load 3

  • Spare his life

Unicornication Reach the Bad End for Xenocorn.

Load 2

  • Get out of the forest

Weed Eater Reach the Bad End for Xenoplant.

Load 1

  • Defend and look for an opening

Salt in the Wound Reach the Bad End for Xenoslug.

Play through both extra stories from main menu to unlock the last two achievements.

Sweet Dreams Complete the Doppelganger Bonus Scenario.

The Spider and the Fly Complete the Xenoarachne Bonus Scenario.

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