Edenight: Idle RPG Codes for May 2024

In Edenight: Idle RPG, players have the opportunity to enhance their gaming experience through the redemption of special codes. Currently, there’s an exciting code available for redemption:


Edenight: Idle RPG Latest Redeem Codes!

The codes below are great boosts to your gameplay, providing you with exclusive rewards that could range from in-game currency and items to unique agents or skins. Make sure to redeem it as soon as possible, as these codes often come with an expiration date.

Codes list updated on May 13, 2024

Active codes:

  • bestgametime (New & Valid until 5.19.2024)
  • rainfell – Redeem for 300 gems + 5recruit cards
  • edenightcome

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Expired codes:

  • newweekgo
  • mondaycoom
  • goodtime
  • luckyagents
  • luckyweek
  • newweek
  • playedenight
  • bestwomen
  • idleweek
  • happyedenight
  • lanterngo
  • loveedenight
  • redenvelope7
  • Luckynewyear6
  • Newyearseve9

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How to Redeem the Code

Redeeming your code is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Your Level: Locate and tap on your current level.
  2. Access User Center: Within the menu options, find and select “User Center.”
  3. Redeem Code Option: Look for the “Redeem Code” option and tap on it.
  4. Enter the Code: Type in the codes above or copy-paste it into the input field.
  5. Confirmation: Confirm the entry to receive your rewards instantly.

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