Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance: How to Backup Your Saved Games and Config

A quick guide to backing up your saved games and config, in case something goes very wrong and they get corrupted.   Your Saved Games and Config Location Your Saved game is the following file: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\CotH\Saved\SaveGames\<somenumber>\Profile_1.sav … it is NOT the steam_autocloud.vdf found under your Steam install directory! Your Config is in the same area. … Read more

Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance: Tips & Tricks (Playing Fast)

Here are some tips and tricks for you to go through the game quickly.   Tips & Tricks 1. Just run past enemies. The game doesn’t force you to fight enemies unless it’s a mission objective, the XP you get is terrible from fighting and they’re all slow. 2. Archer is amazing for sniping all … Read more