Dual Family: How to Skip Unseen Text

Enable the Skip Unseen Text functionality for Dual Family (And likely most RenPy games)


How to Skip Unseen Text
1. Navigate to your Dual Family Steam folder (Right click Dual Family > Manage > Browse Local Files)

2. Open renpy/main.py

3. Go down to line 430 (Or search for “renpy.store._preferences = game.preferences”)

4. Add “renpy.game.preferences.skip_unseen = True” after “renpy.store._preferences = game.preferences”.

It should look like this after:

renpy.store._preferences = game.preferences
renpy.game.preferences.skip_unseen = True

5. Run the game. Skip unseen text skip should now be enabled.

Ctrl+z is your friend if your game doesn’t run. You can always verify your game content as well.

My clicking hand was bored so I figured I’d dig around for a solution. There’s probably a better, less invasive way to go about these changes.

Might need to re-apply if the app ever gets updated. Though, the preference value may stick forever in persistent data since I didn’t see it being reconfigured anywhere.

Thanks to Stachiho for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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