Drug Dealer Simulator: New Endgame Update Guide

This guide will cover everything the ENDGAME Update adds to DDS!
If you haven’t checked out the update yet; this guide will contain spoilers!


The ENDGAME Update

The ENDGAME Update is a HugeFree DLC to Drug Dealer Simulator that completes the game.
This Update is the biggest package to be shipped to the game so far. Bringing in a whole new Storyline with different objectives for players to complete (including an Ending), Laboratories (aka Labs) which can be used to produce most drugs after Eddie leaves the Ghetto, Villas (aka Estates) which are immune to DEA RaidsFreaking Achiements!!!, and finally multiple balance changes & countless Bug Fixes.

New Story Line (and Ending)

The new Story line begins after meeting certain requirements:

  • Level 36 or higher
  • Unlocked Sector C (construction area minimum)
  • Unlocked the Psychedelics Gang
  • Eddie not waiting for you outside his apartment to collect debt money
  • Opened & Closed ShadyComm (laptop) between 9am & 5pm


Part One: Investigating Sites, Hacking Antennas

First thing you hear is loud gunshots, followed by a call from Eddie telling you that he had to flee the ghetto. From this point forward, you will lose access to Eddie (no more ordering drugs)
You will receive three new tasks “Investigate Site” in different locations.

Once all three sites have been investigated, you’ll need to talk to Eddie’s friend David Greene in Sector B

David Greene will afterwards task you with hacking four (4) antennas scattered around the map, in order to collect information about the collumbians.
The antennas are located in: Stink (A), Kennel (A), Cemetry (B), Factory South (C)

Hacking each antenna will make David Greene send you a message containing some information about the collumbians & other things related to the story, you can access these 4 messages in total from ShadyComm. Some messages will trigger the next part of the story line.

Part Two: Collect Information, Kill Gang Members, Destroy Money Stashes

Two of the messages you’ll receive from David Greene will have tasks related to them.
One of the messages will contain information about two gang members meeting near Two Towers in Sector A, which you’ll be tasked with taking out.
To do so, you’ll need to make a deal with the crazy man – The Jumper. You can reach him by climbing the ladder on the back of Two Towers.
He will ask you to give him 100 grams of pure Amphetamin (amp/fet/speed) and 10 Concrete Bags, which you can buy for $200 from this NPC in Sector C.

Once the 100g of pure AMP and Concrete bags are acquired, you can head back to The Jumper to continue with the deal. Once you give him what he asked for, he’ll tell you to launch a firecracker to signal him to drop a Concrete-filled boat onto the gang members, brutally taking them out in a cutscene.

One of the messages will contain information about a hidden Cartel Meeting in a Secret Sect, located under the Supermarket. Your task is to infiltrate this meeting and collect more information. The entrance to this secret sect is through the backdoor of the Supermarket, located near the first deaddrop you get at the start of the game.

The door is locked & you cannot go straight in. You need to wait for a couple of seconds until you see an NPC walk towards the door and knock in a specific pattern, which is: 2 knocks, 1 knock, 2 knocks. Once he enters, knock on the door in a similar pattern and it will be unlocked.

Once you enter, you’ll be greeted by a Sectant whom will assume you’re one of the new members and welcome you. Just proceed down the stairs into the Sect.

All you need to do in here is inspect a Funeral Home Business Card which can be found on the table. Once inspected, press Escape to put it back down.

This will allow you to continue the quest. After this, you’ll need to go to the Funeral Home in Sector B, north of Mid Deadtown.

After talking with Jeff, you’ll need to obtain 5 bombs from David Greene in order to blow up the Cartel’s Money Stashes, which are hidden inside five tombstones in the Sector B Cemetry. Talk to David and then head there.

Once you’re in Cemetry, go up to the five money stashes and plant the bombs. You’ll hear “Bomb has been planted” as you plant the first one, which is a reference to CS:GO.

After planting all the bombs, get out of the area and enjoy the show! Tip – look for dark tombs with red flowers!

Part Three: Ending

Warning: GORE and ENDING

Once you finish both of the previous quests unlocked by hacking the antennas, you’ll be able to tackle the last part of the story line.
After blowing up the money stashes, go back once more to David Greene to let him know the job is done, and he’ll give you the location of a Sicario, which you’ll need to take out. However, once you check the map, it looks like the Sicario’s apartment is right under your Main Apartment!

The plot twist occurs as you’re getting close to the door, only then do you hear two delayed gunshots. The Sicario would kill his seemingly Wife, moments before committing suicide himself.

Once you enter the apartment, you’ll find out what mess of a place this turned into. The Phone will soon start ringing, prompting you into answering it, Eddie will speak to you one last time telling you how proud he is and how you’re the big boy now. You now gain the ability to give your character a Nacro Nickname (custom name) which you can change later through ShadyComm. Once you hang up, you’ll be able to Call the police and End the Game.

Credits will roll (skippable) and you’ll be back in your main apartment. You will soon be introduced to the new Villas by checking them out at David Greene’s Office.

Estates aka. Villas (Unraidable/Immune to DEA raids)

After finishing the game, you’ll be able to check out three brand new Villas that you can start constructing. You can find more informations about the labs at David Greene’s Office in Sector B.

Villas (aka. Estates) are esentially three very large hideouts with spacious lands. They give you a very significant area respect boost for each sector; once they’re fully built. This allows you to maintain an overall high reputation across almost all areas on all three sectors, without having to manually maintain it by dealing.


There are three Villasone in each sector.

  • Sector A: The American Dream +45% Sector A Respect Bonus
    Purchase Price (plants+building plot): $0 (Free)
    Estimated total cost: ~$42,600-$100,000
  • Sector B: The Castle +55% Sector B Respect Bonus
    Purchase Price (plants+building plot): $30,000
    Estimated total cost: $250,000
  • Sector C: The Villa +70% Sector C Respect Bonus
    Purchase Price (plans+building plot): $60,000
    Estimated total cost: $350,000

The way the Villas work is that you need to first buy the land required to start constructing the building itself. Once you bought the plot, you can head to it and start talking to the Construction Worker for instructions on how to continue. You’ll need to use bank balance (laundered money) for all payments.

You’ll need to Construct different parts of the Villa in the order shown above, which requires laundered money/bank balance. Each Construction will take time to complete; usually a few minutes. when one is finished; you will receive a notification letting you know you can come back to finalize the installation for that construction, by pressing the INSTALL button which appears next to the Construct button.

You will get to see your chosen Villa(s) get built overtime as you finish all the installations.
Here’s how the Sector B Villa (The Castle) looks like when it’s finished, and when all the optional upgrades are installed.

You’ll be able to install the optional upgrades (which are solely decorative, such as the pong, fountain, park bench, etc) for a little bit more money.

The customisation doesn’t end there! it actually just about started. Once you have access to the Villa(s), you’ll be able to Start Renovating by interacting with the Renovation Cabinet

The renovation tool allows you to change the paint style (& color) of the walls, change the floor, and the roof, in addition to installing multiple doors which you definitely should do; unless you don’t like constantly opening and closing them. You can remove & change doors aswell.

The update also comes with a wide selection of new furniture and decorations aswell to compliment the sheer size of the new Villas. You can check out and order the furniture from David Greene aswell. Here you can see all the new furniture.

Sector A Villa: The American Dream

Sector B Villa: The Castle

Sector C Villa: The Villa

Avoid planting outdoor weed plants inside the land/plot, near or around any of the villas as that will result in the plants getting destroyed and removed.


Labs (Laboratories)

After level 36, you can transform your Empty Hideouts into a Lab using bank balance. Hideouts that can be transformed into labs must have a Save Station and cannot be Garages or Storages.

How to Create a Lab

To create a lab, you need to enter a Hideout that meets the requirements mentioned above, hold Spacebar to activate furniture mode, then press Tab to switch to the Apartment Manager, and then press the Build Production Lab button on the top. You’ll be able to train your dealers into becoming lab technicians and assigning them to the current lab (the lower the dealer’s level, the more expensive it is to train them, from $950 lvl1 to $550 lvl10), then select the type of lab (what drug your lab will be producing) and then build the lab.

There are 6 types of labs, each corresponding to a different drug.

Lab list/table is available in the next section 🙂

The first two labs you create will have a 75% discount applied to them to help you get started. This means that for the first two labs you will only have to pay a quarter (25%) of the original price. I suggest making use of this and get one of the more expensive labs first, which would be Cocaine or Heroin; preferrably Cocaine as it’s required for La Ballena’s Cocaine Orders.

Converting an existing lab to another type of lab will apply a 50% discount on the original price of the lab you choose. This means that you will only pay half as much instead if you were to create that lab directly, so try not to Remove a lab only to rebuild another one, because then you will lose some money, removing a lab will refund you 50% of the current lab setup cost.

Larger hideouts or Warehouses will require two lab technicians, while smaller ones will only require one. Labs with 2 technicians produce more drugs in a shorter amount of time than labs with only 1 technician, at the cost of training a second dealer. I recommend you always create large labs to make use of the production quantity and speed buffs.

How to Use a Lab & Produce Drugs

Labs are mainly passive properties, which means you are not involved in the production of the drugs. You only need to make sure the Safe found in all types of labs has enough Cash for the lab to continue producing batches. Having more money means it will keep producing drugs until it runs out of money.

To start producing drugs, open the safe and put enough cash for atleast one batch. You can put any amount in, depending on how long you’d like the production to last / how many batches you’d like made.

You can see information about how much a batch costs, how long it takes (progress) and how many batches you have enough cash in the safe for by looking at the Product Table, a little window will pop up which contains all the info.

When a batch of drugs is produced, you will get a pop-up on the left letting you know a Batch of DRUG is ready.

To package the produced drugsgo back to the Production Table and Press F to start packaging the drugs. This is exactly the same as if you’re trying to package a drug from a Jar, Container or Equipment in your workstation.

The lab technicians level up overtime as they produce more & more drugs. The higher their level, the faster the production/the less time it takes to make a new batch. This means the longer you keep the lab operational, the faster it gets overtime.

Here are a few labs, Weed and Meth examples

Other Notes
  • You can remove a lab if you’d like to use the hideout yourself by pressing the Remove Lab button in the Apartment Manager. This will cancel the on-going production, and delete all cash that’s in the safe, so make sure to take it out and wait for the production to finish to avoid any losses. You will be refunded 50% of the current lab’s setup cost to your bank balance.
  • You can still use the Save Station inside your Labs normally.
  • You can make use of the Safes that come with all labs as a cash drop for dealers. (check Features section for more info) if you don’t have another hideout in the same area with a Safe inside.
  • Training a dealer that owes you money will make them add that money to your laundering pool, as if you collected and deposited it for laundering yourself.
  • Converting a lab while it’s producing a batch will cancel the production and refund the batch cost to the safe. This may start the lab you choose to convert the hideout into next start producing drugs immediately depending on how much cash the safe will hold after the refund.
  • You can have multiple labs of the same type at the same time, which means if you’re still not satisfied with the production speed of a certain drug, or simply want to upgrade your production power, you can setup more labs at any time. For example, if your single AMP lab cannot keep up with the insane demand on AMP later on, you can setup another lab to help increase the production.
  • Your Lab Workers / Technicians will Contact you through ShadyComm in case their assigned lab runs out of money for a new batch. This lets you know when you need to go there and put enough money for production to continue. They’ll tell you how much money they need, where the lab is, and what drug it produces.

Laboratory Stat Table

Lab (drug)
Setup Cost
Production Quantity
Production Time ingame(irl)
Production Cost per Batch
Production Cost per Gram
Production Quantity per Hour
Marijuana Plantation (Small lab)
550g batch
25h45m (64m45s)
Marijuana Plantation (Large lab)
770g batch
25h45m (64m45s)
Amphetamine lab (Small lab)
100g batch
7h15m (18m15s)
Amphetamine lab (Large lab)
140g batch
6h15m (15m30s)
Ecstasy lab (Small lab)
60g batch
5h30m (13m45s)
Ecstasy lab (Large lab)
84g batch
4h45m (11m55s)
Crystal Meth (Small lab)
80g batch
6h00m (15m00s)
Crystal Meth (Large lab)
112g batch
5h15m (13m20s)
Cocaine Import Operation (Small lab)
160g batch
12h00m (30m00s)
Cocaine Import Operation (Large lab)
224g batch
10h25m (26m00s)
Heroin laboratory (Small lab)
120g batch
8h30m (30m00s)
Heroin laboratory (Large lab)
168g batch
7h15m (18m15s)

Download the Excell Spreadsheet using the links below
Google Drive[docs.google.com] Mega[mega.nz]

Achievements!!! 36 of them!

There are 36 Achievements to collect & earn as you climb the ranks in the Ghetto! Can you achieve them all?

Achievements Table 1

Sell 1kg of drugs
Sell 1 kilogram of drugs in total
Heavyweight champion
Sell 1000x 1kg (1 tonne) of drugs in total
Pocket money
Earn $10,000
Now we’re talkin’
Earn $100,000
My name is Jeff
Earn $1,000,000
Keep it clean
Unlock Laundering
You know what capitalism is?
Upgrade Laundering Business to Max level
A-hole new world
Reach lvl10
Reach end game
Reach lvl36 (triggers endgame phase)
Reach lvl69
Get a life
Reach lvl100
Catch me if you can
Escape from Police
The offer you can’t refuse
Unlock one of the Gangs
First blood
Overdose a Client
M-m-m-monster kill!
Overdose 6 Clients
Going full Pablo
Overdose 107 Clients
Overdose 909 Clients
Mr. Worldwide
Unlock All Areas
Remnants of the past
Sell drugs when the time is at 21:37

Achievements Table 2

The Frodo we deserve
Flush a Golden Ring down the Toilet (main apartment)
Cool story, bro
Listen to the whole Polish Patho story (near eddie)
You were the chosen one!
Lose a Long time Client
Hit the Road TRAP/Isn’t She Empty
Cop Search Misses Drug in Pocket
Only ninja can stop ninja
Escape a DEA Raid
Hello, Neo
Hack Antennas
G*d d*mn eels
Disable Power/Fuse Box
Build a Villa
Sky is the limit
Build All 3 Villas
Well hello, Mr. Millionaire
Rent All Hideouts
Yeah, Mr. White!
Build a Lab
Bigger Better Stronger
Build All Lab Types
Small steps
Hire a First Dealer
The sound of the beast
Get Caught by Police
They grow up so fast
Dealer reaches lvl10
The customer is always right
Score an Addict
You make a better rat than human
Find Whistleblower in Sewer System

How to Get Achievements

Level Achievements

There’s an achievement for reaching lvl 10, 36, 69 and 100

You can get these achievements on an old save but it may behave unexpectedly; and only give you one achievement each time you level up.

Sell Drugs & Making Money Achievements

6565There’s an achievement for selling 1kg & 1000kg of drugs.

There’s an achievement for earning $10,000, $100,000, and $1,000,000.

The Frodo We Deserve

Find a “Mysterious Ring” in a Trash Bin as random loot, then flush it down the toilet in the main apartment.

Overdose Achievements

There’s an achievement for causing 1, 6, 101 and 909 overdoses.

All Areas, All Hideouts, Villas and Laundering Business Achievements

There’s an achievement for unlocking all areas, renting all hideouts, building a first villa then building all villas, and starting your laundering business then upgrading it to the max level (15 to max)

Cool Story Bro!

You’ll need to listen to the Polish Patho guy’s phone conversation to the end, you can find him in east old time at Eddie’s place.

Remnants of the Past

This achievement is a reference to the death of the second pope, which happened at 21:37 (9:37 pm) You can get this achievement by selling any drug during that specific time in-game.

You make a better rat than human

Get this achievement by finding the Trash Furniture dealer in the sewer system, found in mid deadtown sector B.

The rest should be simple to get and don’t require additional help 😉 I believe in you, dealers!


Balance Changes & New Features

Here are the New Features, Balance Changes and others

Marking Safes as Cash Drop Points for Dealers

You can now mark a Safe as a Cash Drop Point for your Dealers in the local sale area by pressing the Mark as Cash Drop Point button in Safes. This means that after giving a dealer drugs, you won’t have to collect money from them manually, and he’ll instead message you to let you know that they deposited that money directly into your safe.
Note about safes: They have been moved from Diana’s Deco Shop in sector B to now being sold in Hensworth’s Deco Shop in Sector C, near Fancy Hill. Small Safe is $1,500, Large Safe is $2,500.

A Safe Cash Drop only affects the single area that the safe is located in. This means that a safe placed in Old market will only collect money from dealers that work in Old Market.

You can also use the safes that come with all types of labs as a cash drop point.

Dealers now Level Up Faster

Your Dealers will now level up at a 30% faster rate than previously. This allows you to get bigger orders sooner and make more money earlier in the game.

Dealers can now Order More Drugs

Previously, dealers can order a maximum of around 300g. That has been increased to a whopping possible 500g order, more or less.

Weed Growing Major Balance Changes

Outdoor & Indoor seeds/strains have received their biggest balance changes yet. Outdoor seeds now take 2 more days to grow, require more frequent watering, a more limited planting area, and have decreased final yields by 30-35%. This makes Indoor & Outdoor seeds much more comparable.

Psychedelics Gang now can Sell Psychedelic Drugs

After finishing the final story missions, you lose access to Eddie which means you can’t order any more drugs from the cartel. You can produce most drugs except for the Psychedelic Drugs (LSD, DMT, Mushrooms) and Fentanyl. You can buy those drugs from Walther directly for Cash in the Psychedelics Gang Hideout in Stink.

Custom Nicknames

After finishing the story missions, you can change your character name to a Custom Nickname (aka Narco / Boss name) Clients and Dealers will start calling you with your new Nickname or call you Boss. You can change your nickname at any time through ShadyComm.

Gang Balancing Changes

The two gangs received some balancing changes to make them more comparable to each other.
La Ballena has been Significantly Nerfed, really hard. They now order once every week, with an extremely slow increase in order sizes. It now takes much much longer to level up the gang.

Keiji has been decently buffed. They now order more frequently with a faster increase in order sizes.

Drug Demand Improvements

The drug demand has been improved overall across all sectors/areas, further blurring the line for all drugs, making the different & varying demand for most drugs even more unnoticeable and balanced.

Laundering Business higher return rate

Earlier levels of the Laundering Business have received an increase in return rate (lower fees) so you receive a higher payout for the same amount of deposited value than previously.

Hideouts have Better Bonuses

Hideouts now have better reputation bonuses, such as increased respect per deal, slower respect drop, minimum respect, etc.

Villa Sinks

The Villas (aka Estates) don’t come with Sinks (which are used to fill up Water Bottles) you’ll need to buy/order sinks from David Greene as furniture and place them yourself whereever you like. This is great because you wouldn’t risk having the sink be in your way & not let you place some furniture like with all other hideouts & garages.

Selling PTC

You can now sell your PTC Balance after buying. This will add the money into your laundering pool which will get laundered overtime.

Furniture & Equipment Placement Grid Toggle

When placing Furniture or Equipment, you can now press the Middle Mouse Button to toggle a 5cm grid snap and rotation mode, making placing items easier and less precision-demanding.

2D Compass Icon Color Coding

Different Icons in the 2D Compass are now variably Color Coded for better clarity

ShadyComm Client & Dealer Filter

You can now set a filter for clients and dealers by different Areas and even Sectors.

Ecstasy Demand Buffed

Ecstasy now has a higher demand overall, giving it slightly more presence especially in the early game. You may find yourself ordering slightly bigger amounts of it from Eddie.

Mysterious Ring

The Mysterious Ring is a new valuable item, its’ only purpose is to get the achievement “The Frodo we Deserve” by flushing it down the toilet in the main apartment. You can find this ring in a dumpster/garbage bin as random loot. You can also Launder this ring but you’ll only get $30 out of it; which is a ripoff! Keep it as a souvenir or flush it for the achievement instead.

Furniture Filter Options

You can now filter furniture by different categories when shopping or in Furniture Mode inside of a hideout or Villa.

Ceiling lamps shine (preview)

You are able to see how the light emitted would affect the hideout before actually placing a ceiling lamp.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Lighting Overhaul

The Lighting has been completely revamped, giving the game a more vibrant and slightly brighter look.

La Ballena and Gang Fixes

La Ballena has been fixed. The Cocaine gang used to order a maximum of 400g Cocaine, and decreases to as low as 0g. Note that in the screenshot the gang isn’t stuck on 9x 50g bag orders, but that’s just due to the nerf. They now increase their orders very slowly, better reflecting the intended balance.

The bug that allowed players to abuse the gangs and get an instant order by Saving and Reloading the save game has also been patched.

Duplication Exploits and Workstation Mode bugs Fixed

Duplication Exploit has been fixed, as well as equipment despawning bug relating to workstation mode tab Equipment Mode, when releasing the use key on equipment.

Multiple Softlocks FIxed

Many softlocks has been resolved, most are related to new game; when exiting the main apartment. Rest are ordering furniture while having no rented hideouts, and softlock related to sewer system ladders (blackscreen)

Double Police Chases bug Fixed

Getting busted during police hours used to sometimes cause a second police chase to take place immediately after respawning. That was caused by the CCTV Camera detecting you before getting disabled (during daytime when respawning) The camera has now been completely removed, eliminating the chance of this bug occuring.

Mike Byers Spam Fix

Mike Byers no longer annoyingly spams you anymore. He now texts you after every 5th hideout unlock instead of single, and you get a Notification in the top right corner about hideout unlocks which isn’t as annoying as Mike used to be.

UI Issue Fix

Having too many pockets used to block off some Buttons when dealing with clients or buying from a shop, especially if resolution is set too low. This now has been fixed, the pocket slots are now slightly shifted to the left.

The Sewer System Has Been Improved

The Sewer System has been improved and brightened to make navigating in the dark easier, in addition to other performance optimisations. Collisions & Hitboxes are also improved.

Sector C Police Patrol & Spray Improvements

The Police Patrols have been improved in Sector C, and there’s now more walls that can be sprayed.

Apartment Viewer Improvement

Checking out Hideouts is now much more organised, hideouts are now sorted in a Sector-by-Sector order instead of the seemingly random order it was previously.

Other Bug Fixes
  • Pockets not being detected by cop searches
  • Police Double Arrest after respawn
  • Payday task getting completed after loading savegame
  • Bad Asia still locked even if the player is part of Keiji’s Gang
  • Sector C client expectations are now reasonably higher/similar to other sectors
  • Incorrect Hideout Respect Boost Calculations
  • Inability to plant seeds from pockets
  • Bobby pin duplication bug when dropping 6 or more
  • Camera Grids are no longer visible after disabling power to affected cameras
  • Filling up empty water bottles now works as intended & doesn’t fill all bottles at once

There are more minor bug fixes & improvements which are mostly insignificant.

Final Note

The ENDGAME Update is the final Content DLC for DDS1.
This, however, doesn’t mean the game will be abandoned. There may be some future hotfixes and patches if the game requires them.But for now, it’s all up to DDS2 to release in 2023! (estimated scheduled date correct at time of writing)Thanks for reading! Hopefully you found this guide helpful. If you did, consider checking out my DDS YouTube Channel at YouTube.com/@v7xdds 🙂

Also here’s a bonus!

I now have a Spectacular Graffiti in East Old Town! Wanted to give HUGE thanks to the whole DDS Team, was a pleasure helping & playing DDS!

I will also include a link to a YouTube Video here showing the different parts of the new Story Line! (once I get to making it, been busy recently, sorry!)

Thanks to V7 for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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