DREDGE: Hooded Figures Map

Here is a map of the hooded figures and every fish they require to complete their quests.   Intro Right now these are timed quests, but I’m hoping in the future they remove the hidden timer. Map is a heavy alteration of a map I found that only had the location of the hooded figures. … Read more

DREDGE: 100% Achievements Guide

100% completion guide for DREDGE, with screenshots. WIP, additions welcome!   Story Introductions Help out the town of Great Marrow and pay off your debt! The Key Collect the Key from Great Marrow.The Secret Collect the Music Box by helping the Hermit and blowing up the debris. The Bond Collect the Ring by helping the … Read more

DREDGE: All Special Locations (Treasure, Camp, Secret…)

Here is a guide on where to find special locations (treasure, camp, secret…), Spoiler Alert!   Introduction Here is the different locations you can find in the game. Shrine Demands : Cods Demands : Rock Crab + Decorator Crab) Demands : Hammerhead Shark + Ghost Shark + Bronze Whaler + Black Reef Shark Demands : … Read more

DREDGE: Secret Fishing Equipment

This guide will tell you how to get some free, spooky fishing equipment in exchange for certain fish. Spoiler Alert!   Intro There are four pieces of fleshy fishing equipment that aren’t found through quests, so I thought I’d make a little guide for anyone who was interested. You need to place certain fish into … Read more

DREDGE: All Fish Species

SPOLIERS – All fish species if anyone’s interested.   Fish Species Thanks to AndresofAstora for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

DREDGE: How to Catch the Angler Fish (Research Asssistant)

Quick guide to help you catch the Angler Fish, The Stoplight Loosejaw, the Giant Amphipod, and the Snailfish.   Some personal Advice 1. I recommend that you at least have hull 2 and the extra cargo slots 2. i also recommend that you have upgraded engines to make getting around easier Finding the AnglerFish 1. … Read more

DREDGE: Basic Sanity/Panic Guide

Just what the tin says, nothing fancy.   Decoding the Eyeballs This game explains that there are consequences for staying out at night and many of the tool tips on things also hint at it. But just in case you are brand new to the genre and don’t know anything about elrdich/lovecraftian horror, here is … Read more

DREDGE: Secret Ending Guide

In this guide, I will explain how to get the secret ending to Dredge, which comes with an achievement.   How to the Secret Ending To get the secret ending, first get to the point where you can get to the regular ending. When speaking with the collector, instead choose the dialogue tree asking where he … Read more

DREDGE: How to Find Stoplight Loosejaw

Finding the Stoplight Loosejaw in the Stellar Basin took me so long that I thought I should save other people some time.   Stoplight Loosejaw for Stellar Basin’s researcher quest Idk why they introduce the kraken suppression device and imply it is needed for finding the Loosejaw. I couldn’t find the Loosejaw inside the basin … Read more