Drake Hollow: Achievements Guide

Drake Hollow is a survival, base building game all about helping a cute colony of Drakes thrive in their harsh world. here is a simple guide on how to get all achievements.


Achievement influenced by your complete walkthrough

Ignored the Call
Ignore the call for help, and return to your normal life.

At the start of the game don’t enter the “gate” once talked with the bird, just turn back and run back. Game over, but this unlock the achievement.

Complete a full playthrough of the campaign without dying.

Currently I don’t know yet, if it works to load your oldest save game in case you died. I trying my walkthrough this way, will update this part once finished.


You need to get all notes in a single playthrough

Lore Hobbist
Find 10 notes

Lore Librarian
Find 20 notes.

Lore Doctor
Find all notes.

Storyline or theoretically unmissable achievements


Witch Hunter Hunter
Defeat a Terminer in combat

Unmissable as you will get to this point sooner or later when progressing on main quests

Travel to Chapter 2: The Summer

All Hallows’ Eve
Travel to Chapter 3: The Fall.

Winter Solstice
Travel to Chapter 4: The Winter.

In Contempt
Defeat the Lord of the Terminer, magistrate of the Court.

Return home after completing your quest.

Theoretically Unmissables

Skyway architect
Build 100 waypoints

You will unlock this achievement easily around halfway to the end. If not just place a waypoint, dismantle, and place it again until earned.

City Planner
Build 100 Improvements.

Build 100 improvements in your base, don’t need to be done in a single campaign, but it is very unlikely that you will get to the end of the campaign without earning this.

Railgrind for 50 km.

The light speedway for “fast travel” between waypoints is the rail. It is very unlikely you will finish a single complete campaign without completing it and there is a global character value for this, so you dont even need to do it on a single playthrough.

Titan of Industry
Exceed 40 production a day in Entertainment, Food, and Water.

Quests will ask you higher and higher camp level as you progress through chapters. Camp level earned by having Drakes and you will get to a point when you need to produce enough resources for this achievement just by keeping alive the Drakes.

Missable achievements

Kill an enemy using only your fists.

Suggested to do this as soon as possible as your fists doing only 1-2 dmg so you want to do this at the beginning on a low level monster.

Kill a Fang with its own projectile

Houndlike enemies and they usually attack you with a ranged projectile. With a timed attack using your melee weapon you can send it back. If it kills the Fang then achievement unlocks.

Send over 1000 materials to camp.

You need to build up a waypoint channel for easier traveling. There are some VANs on many islands. Connecting these to your waypoint “speedway” will loot up the materials from the VAN. Achievement unlocks once 1000 collected from these cars.

Supply Chain
Connect one of each type of supply truck to camp

Like logistican, but instead of amount, you need to connect eahy type of resource VAN to your camp at least once.

Trade 500 shiny objects with Magpie

You actually need to sell items for the value of 500 currency

I’m flying!
Fall continuously for 3 seconds

Go to the top of a high point, I went to the top of a lighthouse. You will need a levitation charm to get up to there. Then place a levitation charm up there too. Change the angle, save and launch yourself. It should award the achievement.

Green Thumb
Heal a wounded drake

If a drake is losing health then interact with him/her and select the healing option. They go underground when a raid starts so an easy way to get this achievement is if you interact with one when the raid starts and stop the interaction once the drake is damaged. After the raid now you can help up the damaged drake.

Clear all corruption vines and nests on a single island

Clear all the vines on an island. You will get this achievement easily while playing the game.

Weepy Eekins
Send Weepy Eeeking to cry in the dirt

During Spring season there is an island with a cave and there is a shadow, visible on the picture. Keep talking with him/her until he/she depops, which unlocks the achievement.

Artful Dodger
Defeat all enemies in an ambush while taking no damage

At the Spring-bank location there is one ambush location. Once the enemies pop, just jump back to the wooden “bridge”, enemies not going to jump up to there and you can finish them off with your ranged weapon. Start with the ranged enemy if there is any around for you. Save before so you can reload in case you fail with it.

Discover every islands in a biome

Just go to every location/island on a biome (whole map during one season)

Weed Whacker
Clear all corruption vines and nests in an entire biome.

Same as the Groundskeeper achievement, but this time you need to kill all vines on every single island. You can move to next chapter before visiting all islands so this is missable.

Multiplayer achievements

Revive a fellow player.

Team Player
Protect 3 other players with a single Aether Ward.

Defeat a raid at camp level 7 or higher without any Improvements taking damage.

It is not a real MP acheivement but right now i dont see how it could be earned in a single player mode.

Achievements need to be earned and added to other parts of the guide

Ride the Lightning
Hit an enemy with an electrified Electric Guitar.

Fool 50 enemies with Decoys.

Use Raid Bait to draw out 100 enemies.

Man in Motion
Clear 10 corruption vines with a single use of St. Elmo’s Fire.

Curio Shop
Craft one of each type of Curio.

Scare 100 enemies with Bees.

Hit 5 enemies with a single electric melee attack.

Light 100 enemies on fire.

Ground Pounder
Hit 5 enemies with a single ground pound attack.

Hit 5 enemies with a Proximity Mine.

Kill an enemy over 100 meters away using an arrow.

Kill an enemy with a defensive Improvement.

Automagical Defense
Defeat a raid using only defensive Improvements.

Batter Up
Using only the Aluminum Slugger, defeat an ambush on a baseball diamond.

Ghostride the Light
Railgrind continuously for 10 km as a ghost.

Collect ’em All
Rescue one Drake of every type.

Retirement Age
Advance a Drake to retirement.

Find and rescue 100 Drakes.

Advanced Civilization
Attain Camp Level 10.

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