DRAGON BALL THE BREAKERS: Basic Guide for New Players

An introductory guide to the gameplay fundamentals of DB:tB, meant for newer players to understand what they should be doing and how they should be going about it.



Greetings, fellow temporal anomaly victims, to this guide going over the fundamentals on a need to know basis for survival (or annihilation of opponents). You call me Courier, for the time being. This guide is meant for those who have just recently began getting trapped in temporal seams but can even be used by those used to the delving.
Without further ado, let us begin.

Gameplay Dynamic

As how it was designed to be, matches are played out in a 1 v 7 format, divided between 7 Survivors and 1 Raider.

The objectives of the Survivors are to search and place various Power Keys scattered around the map to enable a Super Time Machine, causing the temporal anomaly to stabilize and neutralizing the raider alongside it.

The Raider’s objective is to eliminate the Survivor team by any means necessary.



The gameplay objective of the Survivors upon starting the match is to locate the Power Keys and place them in their slots. It is however, not the main objective. A survivor’s main focus is the successful survival from the anomaly through various means and ends.


A Raider’s main objective is the elimination of any or all Survivors within the anomaly.

Win Conditions

Super Time Machine

The activation of the Super Time Machine results in an instant neutralization of the Raider, causing them to concede the match to the remaining Survivors alive in the match. The victory extends to downed but not vanquished Survivors as well.

The Super Time Machine start up initializes as soon as all Power Keys are placed or there are no more areas to place Power Keys into intact. This means that the Raider may force the Start Up Sequence by destroying areas where Power Keys have yet to be placed while at least 2 Power Keys have been activated (this would require the Raider to reach Level 4 as to destroy 3 Areas).

Battle Victory

The Survivors may also grasp survival by defeating the Raider in combat. This however, will require cooperation and coordination from the Survivor team to overwhelm the Raider.

Last Resort

Whenever 3 Survivors are left or the Super Time Machine has been destroyed by the Raider, the Survivor’s only option of survival narrows down to the Escape Time Machine, which has to be called to certain beacons that spawn once this stage of the match begins. Successfully calling the Escape Time Machine and charging it up will result in an Escape.
(Sidenote: The Escape Time Machine beacons will not appear should the Super Time Machine had been activated prior to the vanquishing of the 4th Survivor. The only way the beacons will spawn is for the Raider to destroy the Super Time Machine.)



The most common of Raider win conditions, this is achieved by vanquishing the Survivor team and triggers upon downing the last Survivor standing.

Temporary Escape

While essentially not a win condition, this match result is triggered by starting the Escape Phase via 3 Survivors remaining in the match or the destruction of the Super Time Machine and by the escape of 1 or more Survivors through the Escape Time Machine

No Escape

Once the Escape stage begins by either destroying the Super Time Machine or only 3 Survivors remain in the anomaly, the Raider may fully grasp victory by spotting a Survivor using the Escape Time Machine and destroying it, rendering escape impossible for all remaining Survivors and instantly winning the match.


The goal of this section is to explain how certain Survivor mechanics work, items and their uses and strategies to help them survive inside the anomaly.


A barrier is the only form of defense OF a Survivor’s integrity. Many can consider having a barrier up or a broken barrier as health states. A Barrier will trigger upon receiving damage of any kind and will grant the Survivor a few seconds of further damage invulnerability before fully breaking, leaving them defenseless. Having a barrier up can be the difference between life and death for Survivors. Use the time granted to you by your barrier to use Active Skills in an attempt to save yourself from being downed.

Active Skills

Active Skills are actions that can be activated at any time, provided that they are not on cooldown and are the Survivor’s consistent form of action to counter the Raider. Active Skills tend to lean to one of 2 sides: to escape/gain distance on the Raider or to immobilize the Raider. It is a good rule of thumb to have at least one of each side as part of your loadout and to have them primed and ready, never using them unless you absolutely need to.
(Sidenote: Some Active Skills are bound to Transpheres and can only be equipped if the associated Transphere is also equipped. A prime example would be the Tien Shin Han Transphere being linked to the Solar Flare skill.)

Passive Skills

Passive Skills are abilities that are always active on the Survivor on can be triggered at any time with no penalty cooldown. These are meant mostly for utility and will not provide surefire means to deter the Raider in their pursuit.
Passive skills can also be linked to Transpheres. A Yamcha Transphere may give the Passive Skill of [Movement Speed Boost: Dirt] which increases a Survivor’s movement speed by a small amount whenever they are traveling on dirt or sand.

Dragon Change and Level

Dragon Change refers to the action of transforming into one of the equipped Transpheres, depending on one’s Dragon Level i.e. a Survivor equipped with a Tien, a Piccolo and a Goku Transphere (with Tien being on level 1 and Goku on level 3), will transform into Tien if their Dragon Level is 1 or will transform into Goku if their Dragon Level is 3.
Dragon Level can be increased by picking up Change Power S, M or L, each granting different amounts of Change Power.

Dragon Change is the only way for Survivors to stand toe to toe with the Raider, but the duration of a Dragon Change is limited and is further shaved down by sustaining damage from the Raider. A Survivor should never attempt to fight a Raider alone.

The most effective use of Dragon Change outside of a team assault is to escape, as Survivors can still use Active Skills while in Dragon Change.


Items are indispensable when it comes to survival for Survivors, granting opportunities far beyond normal capabilities. While some are more useful than others, knowing how to utilize the item hand you’re dealt can be the game changer. Survivors can carry 2 items at any given time, with the exception of Zeni, Change Power and Dragon Balls, which do not consume an inventory space

Change Power

Easily the most common item found, it is also one of the most important to keep with the Raider’s increasing power. S (Small) and L (Large) versions can be found inside supply crates and destructible environmental objects (pots, beds, chairs, crates, etc.). Medium Change Power can only be obtained through the use of Vending Machines scattered around the map.

3 Change Power S can also be consistently acquired by rescuing Civilians.


A currency tracked both outside of matches and inside, Zeni is used with Vending Machines to acquire their products. Zeni in a match can be acquired by destroying environmental objects or by picking large gold bars (which equate to 500 Zeni).


Radars come in 3 flavors with only 1 flavor having 3 sizes but if acquired will apply that size to the other flavors as well.

The Dragon Radar, used mainly for the localization of Dragon Balls, is perhaps the most important type of radar for one particular reason: range. The range of tracking increases by quite an amount from a Level 1 Dragon Radar to even a Level 2 Dragon Radar, same applies to Level 3 Dragon Radar.

The range of the other 2 types of Radars will increase only with a Dragon Radar of a high level. All radars are merged into one single display and Survivors only have to pick up of each type once with the exception as mentioned before of the Dragon Radar to upgrade the display’s range.

Civilian Radars as the name implies show Civilian positions whenever in range and Power Key Radar does the same, but with Power Keys instead.

Raiders can only search supply crates to possibly find a radar within.

Vegeta’s Gloves

This item grants Survivors a disposable Galick Gun Super Attack that can be used outside or during Dragon Change.

Rocket Launcher and Super Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is a weapon that will fire a rocket that will stagger the Raider if it connects. Has a single rocket.

The Super Rocket Launcher functions mechanically the same as a Rocket Launcher, but sports a gold finish and contains 3 rockets.

Barrier Recovery Device

As the name implies, it is an item used to recovery from a broken barrier through an interaction that lasts a small amount of time. The Survivor using the item may move around while using the item. The item’s interaction can be interrupted if a Survivor is downed, performs a Dragon Change or falls from a great enough fall to warrant the Heavy Landing* animation to occur. It is advised if one should find one, to pick it up for later use.
(Heavy Landing: A state triggered by falling from a great height and upon landing, immobilizes the Survivor for a brief moment)

Senzu Beans

Senzu Beans are the revival item of the game, granting an immediate pickup for both the Survivor with them in their inventory or for allies. Senzu Beans can be used on allies by equipping the Senzu Beans and pressing E on them. Senzu Beans can be used by the holder by also pressing E while in the Downed* state
(The Downed State is different from the Knocked Out state. A Knocked Out state occurs after being finished off by the Raider and the Survivor cannot take any action, where as in the Downed state they may even crawl.

WARNING: Using a Senzu Bean in the first instance of entering the Downed state is heavily NOT ADVISED unless the Raider has left or is preoccupied. Using a Senzu Bean on the first instance of the Downed state does not reset having gone down before and enables the Raider to instantly eliminate you from the match instead of putting you into the Knocked Out state.

Cooldown and Super Cooldown Drink

These items enable a speedy recharge of Dragon Change after having exited that state. A standard Cooldown Drink will restore 40% of Dragon Change while a Super Cooldown Drink restores around 75% of Dragon Change.

Dragon Balls

7 of them are spread all around the map and can be picked up by both Raider and Survivors. Collecting all 7 of them and taking them to a Dragon Altar, which exist in every area of the map, will summon Shenron to grant the summoning party’s wish.

Survivors have 2 wishes. The first is Ultimate Power, which grants the summoner Change Level 4, which takes form of the warrior inside the Transphere on the 3rd slot i.e. the Change Level 3 warrior.

The 2nd wish is to grant all remaining allies each a single level of Dragon Change (from 0 to 1, 1 to 2 and so on). Cannot be used to go past Change Level 3.

Raider’s have 2 wishes as well, with the exception of Frieza.

1st wish is to increase the Raider’s Level to the max while the 2nd wish restores all missing health.


As the main threat to the Survivors, a Raider is not to be trifled with, and be downright unstoppable if relentless in once’s approach. But even with that notion, carelessness can get a Raider overwhelmed by their opponents and easily dispatched.

Gameplay Styles

Each Raider has their unique gimmick that separates each other uniquely. A brief rundown is as follows:


Cell is the most balanced of the current Raiders. Able to level up rather effectively and sporting strength with vicious skill, Cell is equipped for any situation, be they on the defensive or on the offensive.


Frieza, from the very get go, starts out extremely strong, being able to finish off Survivors from a distance. That side, Frieza’s downside is that he does not get as much Level Power from Civilians or Survivors, much so that he might take the whole match just to get to level 4 and even while changing forms, his active abilities remain the same. The decrease in Level Power is offset by his passive ability that allows him to gain Change Power in exchange of taking damage and a Shenron wish that negates all damage.

Majin Buu

A Raider that must first be unleashed to rain havoc, Majin Buu possesses abilities capable of keeping him in the fight for longer, restoring a small amount of health each time he finished off anybody. It may take a while for Spopovich and Yamu to break Buu out of his egg, which gives Survivors time for Power Keys. Buu however, sports a mechanic, that upon reaching the threshold where Raider’s would normally enter Level 4, Buu sucks everyone remaining in the match into a pocket dimension, where Survivor’s only options are to free Majin Buu or perish. Managing to do the former releases everyone from the pocket but transforms Buu into Kid Buu.


An integral part of matches, Combat refers to whenever a Survivor during Dragon Change confronts the Raider.
Some mechanics on how combat works exactly is still unknown. This guide will be updated to reflect any new breakthroughs (i.e. Vanish Counters that may occasionally occur)

Combat Level Disparity

Ever fought against a Raider and they simply blocked your attack while knocking you back. This is can simply be explained with Combat Level Disparity.

This refers to when a Dragon Level is higher or equal to a Raider’s Level. When a Dragon Level is higher than the Raider Level, hits will not be blocked by the Raider and hits from the Raider can be blocked and vice versa. When both are of equal level, no advantages are given to either side, however the Raider will naturally hold the advantage due to the nature of their kit.

Ranged Attacks

These range from consecutive Ki Blasts to signature Beam Attacks. Ki Blasts can be dodged by staying simply on the move while Beam Attacks can be consistently dodged by well timed Vanishes.

Super Attacks

Super Attacks can be used by both Raider and Survivors. Survivor Super Attacks depend on the Dragon Level and the Transphere set in that level slot and have costs during Dragon Change.

Raider Super Attacks depend on Raider Level and are on cooldown with the exception of Area Destruction, which can only be recharged by reaching a higher Raider Level, limiting the use of this Super Attack to 3 times.
(Fun fact: The Shenron summoning ritual can be interrupted by Area Destruction, it is wise for the Raider to save their last Area Destruction to prevent the ritual as all Dragon Balls will be scattered after Area Destruction and have to be gathered again.)

Evasive Moves

Exclusive to Raiders, these abilities can be activated at any time, including during hitstun or stunlock, enabling an escape from whatever is immobilizing the Raider.

Cell has Afterimage and gains Perfect Barrier at Level 4. Frieze will only have Buster Break at all levels excluding Level 1 and Buu has Angry Shout at all levels after his awakening.

Thanks to The Mafioso Courier for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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