Downpurr: Tips for Each Enemy

A spoiler-free enemy guide for Downpurr!


Read Before:

The important thing to know before going on, that this guide will not contain spoilers for the plot of the game, or locations of secrets or cats!
This also means that section bosses will be covered seperately with plenty of spoiler warnings.

This is meant to give players struggling with certain enemy patterns a chance to study up!


Enemy 01: Scroombler

Behold, the most fearsome enemy in the game!

Okay, jokes aside, the best advice to deal with them is to know how they move!

This enemy only moves when Mimi jumps, which means that if you don’t jump, you can have an easier time dealing with this foe.

This critter, will always jump it’s maximum height despite how high Mimi will jump. You can use this info to dodge it better, so you can slide underneath the critter while it bounds!

Enemy 02 and 03: Cuddles and Hopster

Aww! What a cute little gremlin! This critter however is relentless in chasing down it’s cuddlebuddy of choice, though, with some jukes, these guys aren’t too dangerous! Though, the more notable threats aren’t many, there are QUITE a few that can take you by surprise!
These two critters will either chase Mimi on foot, or jump at the poor gal. Be careful, as they’re fast and agile, way more mobile than most would give em’ credit for.

Enemy 04 and 05 – Jelly Blobs and Heart Jellies

These things are immobile, but can be quite a nuisance when above bottomless pits.
Take care, as taking a hit tends to launch you backward, and can lead to embarrassing KO’s.

Usually shooting the Jelly Blobs are enough to deal with them, but sometimes these things can get huge!

HEART JELLIES ARE AMAZING. If you see one, make sure you bust it open with Witch Bubble!
They’ll 100% drop a heart, which restores your HP by 1! It’s important to keep your eyes on your health.

Enemy 06 – Siren

That fancy dude with a bowtie is sleeping, and waking him up makes the dude cranky!
Be careful, as if you aren’t quick to KO them before they land, they can make a mess of the screen by filling it with projectiles.

Enemy 07 – Blorbo

These dudes will fire a volley of three fluffballs at you.
They’re immobile, but occasionally appear on walls.

Pro Tip: The storm-cloud is REALLY effective on them, so wash them away!

Enemy 08 – Catfish

Here’s a new enemy type! Blue enemies are to be avoided! They can’t be harmed by Mimi’s Magic!

These dudes just jump up and down out of water. If your careful, you can dodge them with ease.

Enemy 09 – Zoomby

Uh oh. Another blue enemy.

This critter is like the catfish, except it zooms left and right.

Enemy 10 – Watcher

So, this critter’s dangerous. It’s an eyeball on a wall, who’s looks are electrifying! After a few moments of looking at Mimi, It’ll cause a crosshair to appear on them. When it locks on, it fires a blast of lightning. If you don’t stay in one spot, you should be fine!

Enemy 11 – Batty

These act like the blorbos, as well as hopsters… Projectiles and jumps, but they inherit one flaw of the Blorbo: They can’t move horizontally, only vertically!

Watch out though, the projectiles they fire are much larger, and therefore harder to dodge!

And with that, that’s all of the enemies!

Thanks to Eleen ‘That Cat’ Tyasi for his great guide, all credit goes to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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