Down in Bermuda: How to Skip the Islands

Completed the game but found some achievements missing? Don’t want to replay each Island again? This simple tip will help you


Skipping the Islands

If you beat the game and didn’t complete all the achievements in one playthrough (I think it’s impossible unless you’ve watched someone else’s playthrough first, but that ruins the fun of the game), then:
1. Press “Reset progress” button in the in-game settings.
2. Skip the Intro video. Play the tutorial. After the Turtle Herman gives you an Orb go straight into the Portal.
3. You will see that the next Island is locked, but you can just press the “Unlock” button:

4. Then you will see a warning:

Just press “Yes”.
5. Do Step3 again until you unlock the Island you want to replay. For example, the Labyrinth Island (because of the irritating “Tile Champion” achievement). That’s it, good luck 🙂

A couple of non-spoiler tips on the 3 most frequently missed achievements

  • “The Kraken Challenge”: Don’t think you have some shots to miss. 7 shots is just the minimum! Therefore, you cannot make a single extra hit on the Kraken. Although if you don’t hit the Kraken with the cannonball at all, then this does not count as a shot.
  • “Tile Champion”: Don’t think you have some moves to miss. 14 moves is just the minimum! Therefore, you cannot make a single extra move. If you accidentally left-click on a tile, it is already one move.
  • One of the hidden (secret) Steam achievements. It’s on the Secret Base Island. The achievement is called “Barrel Blast”, so now you can understand what items this achievement is related to. Barrels at the end of the level. When you fight a sea monster. Don’t kill the monster right away. You need to shoot 12 times when you fire barrels from the cannon.

If you accidentally make something wrong, then you will have to return to Section 1 of this guide.

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