Don’t get lost: How to Create Your Transit Network

How do I rename portals? What is the wooden town gate good for? Do I really have to walk all that way on foot?


So you want to make a Fast Transit Network.

You will need to begin by acquiring either of the “Teleport to…” items. Currently, the “portal” and the “wooden town gate” are available options as valid fast travel locations.

But how do I get those nifty items?

The “portal” is acquired from trading with “A trader visiting the town” … once you have a town they can visit.

Traders like this one can occasionally sell advanced looking Portal items.

A less flashy option is the “wooden town gate” item.
Press [R] and look up its recipe

to see that it only requires:
4 Planks + 4 Logs + 2 Stone Paths

Combine these ingredients together while interacting with a Sawmill to see the recipe for the wooden town gate.

Naming your Fast Travel locations.

Place a portal from your inventory at your desired location to Fast Travel to and from.

Walk up to your portal, and press [E] to interact with it.

This will open its interaction window.

You can see the current name of the portal in the upper left corner.

Click this name to highlight the text. You may now edit the text to your new portal name.

Note how the name has changed in the list of locations that you can “Teleport to…” in the left panel of the window.

The same goes for the wooden town gates.

Town gates can also be “Inspected” with [TAB] for a little info about your town’s population.

And, we’re off!

Now you are ready to fast travel on your new network. Simply interact with any of your portals or wooden town gates, and click your named location in the “Teleport to…” list.

Additional notes

  • You cannot connect to the Spawn town’s portal. It does not belong to you. In fact, some players report that trying to interact with it softlocks the game. This is escaped by quitting and re-entering the game.
  • Fast travel locations are not marked on the map. It is up to you to make them part of something big and noticeable, so that you Don’t Get Lost.

Thanks to Diortem_Dark for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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