DMVR: Speedrun Strat for 100% Achievement

The title says it all. This is what you’ll need for a sub 100 second run.


Cone Stage

On the left, drive around the course.

Gently bump into one of the cones in a way it tosses – and possibly flips – you back.

And drive into the flag pole.

Parallel Parking Stage

F**k honor. Drive straight into the flag pole.

Right Turn Stage

Turn right right away and off road straight to the pole (Watch out for the rocks)

Final Stage

Aim at the right fence, going from left.

Time it right and let the piston push you out of bounds when going back. (It might take a few tries. Press R to restart quickly.)

If you flip, it’s fine, just wait a bit and the game will flip you over.


When you get to the last part, drive onto the small hill on the right.

Time your entry and get on the last bit of the obstacle course.

Drive into the flag pole. (Careful, sometimes, if you are too fast, it counts as totaling your car before you pass.)


You just got 100% in a 100$ game, a DMVR license AND a banger song!

“You wake up in the morning, you got drivin’ on your mind.
You just got your license, that is priceless, yeah, that’s right
All these chicken nuggets waiting, tryna watch you drive-by.
And you gonn start the car cuz you got drivin’ on your mind.
Yeah, you got drivin’ on your mind.
Yeah, you got drivin’ on your mi-i-ind.
Yeah, You got drivin’ on your mind.
Yeah, You got drivin’ on your mind.
Yeah, You got drivin’ on your mi-i-ind.”
– YNW Lemmy.

(Yes, I had to redo the whole thing for the screenshots.)

(Yes, I spent more time writing down the lyrics than I needed to finish the run.)

Thanks to KaiDaLuck for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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