Dirty Room: Walkthrough for Chapter 1-3

Full Walkthrough of Chapters 1-3 without commentary.


Chapter 1-3 Walkthrough

For 100% do the following (only things you can miss initially):

Chapter 1:
Read everything
Hit the body 6 times
Throw the head of Jason into the fire

Chapter 2:
Dart game has to be finish with the 3 Darts, if you miss reload a checkpoint

Codes for the 2nd room (U=Up, M= Middle, D=Down):
1 – UMD
2 – MDU
3 – UMU
5 – DDM
6 – MDU

Chapter 3:
Shoot the Stone Traps. If not unlocked you might have to replay the chapter (sigh).

00:00 Chapter 1
08:55 Chapter 2
25:15 Chapter 3

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