Destiny 2: All Collectibles Guide (Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon)

All Collectibles and Secret Chests in the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon



This guide will show you the locations of all collectibles, or “Memories of Darkness”, within the “Ghosts of the Deep” dungeon, as well as all secret chests.

Later in the season, I’ll add guide sections for the catalyst, but I haven’t received the exotic yet.

There are 12 Memories of Darkness and 2 Secret Chests.
Collecting all 12 Memories of Darkness will give you a triumph, which in turn grants increased drop chance for the dungeon’s Exotic weapon.

Memories of Darkness look like this:

The appearance of each individual Memory might vary slightly, but generally speaking, they are all blue glowing rocks that sort of look like ghost shells. They’re also about the size of a ghost shell in-game.

They weren’t too difficult to find- my partner and I found all but two of them in our very first run through.

Memory #1 (Dungeon Intro Encounter)

Memory #1

This Memory is available in the very first section of the dungeon.
Look for the large manmade tower that reaches into the sky. The room that contains the Memory is below it. There are two entrances; I’ll show you the side entrance.

From the start of the dungeon:

Turn right here to find a cave. Go inside.

Memory #1 is waiting for you right here.

Memories 2-10, Secret Chest #1 (Dungeon Intro to Second Encounter)

Memory #2

This Memory is found after completing the first encounter.
After jumping down the large shaft with the rotating fans and jumping through the hole in the mesh wall, you’ll find a hallway with some bright lights and some platforms sticking out from the wall.
Navigate up these platforms and jump through the broken window on the left to find Memory #2.

Memory #3

After the room with Memory #2 and falling down to the next area, you’ll proceed to a neon purple/pink lit room.

Upon entering the room, jump up to the left side of the room to find this ghost.

Memory #4

After the room with Memory #3, you’ll find a room where some Hive adds spawn.
You must then jump down the hole to the next area, but DON’T JUMP ALL THE WAY DOWN!

Jump onto the first rotating platform and ride it around to the right side of the central pillar. Memory #4 is stuck to the pillar. You don’t need to jump off of the rotating platform to collect it, as the interaction range is quite large- simply stand on the innermost part of the rotating platform and wait until it brings you to the Lore piece.

Memory #5

When you reach the bottom of the shaft (the same room where Memory #4 is), you’ll find a water section transition.

Head into the water. In this water section, look around for a partly open door with an orange glow.

Inside is Memory #5.

Memory #6

Three “floors” down from Memory #5, you should find a platform with a fan in the center which leads to a safe pressurized area. The Memory itself is in the water; look for a patch of dirt on the ground with some plants growing on it.

The Memory is located on the opposite side of the platform, on the outer ring, next to an air bubble.

Memory #7

Keep going down through the underwater section until you reach the rotating platforms (the same type from Memory #4). Go to the bottom of this room; there are some bubbles and a single red spotlight next to a broken section of window.

Climb out of the broken window, but don’t jump down- instead, turn left (counterclockwise) and follow the outside of the platform. You’ll find some bubbles that lead to Memory #7.

Memory #8

Upon reaching the ocean floor for the first time, before you head deeper, look around for a small lit cave.

Memory #8 is hiding inside.

Secret Chest #1

The first secret chest is in the first pressurized area after reaching the ocean floor.

Upon reaching the Hive statue, double back to a small grotto above where you came in. The secret chest is inside.

Tip: You can also drop down directly into the cave from the previous area!

Memory #9

This Memory is just before reaching the second pressurized area on the ocean floor, when you see the illuminated Dreadnaught of Oryx. (That’s the big glowing light hole.)

Instead of proceeding to the left to the second pressurized area, turn right to find a cave with Memory #9 inside.

Memory #10

Memory #10 is just before the 2nd Encounter.
Proceed through the derelict Dreadnaught until you come to a room with a large sloped wall and lots of holes. Jump into the hole on the top row that is the second from rightmost.

You’ll end up on a bridge above a death pit. Turn right to see a sewer outlet.

Jump inside to find Memory #10.

Memory #11 and Secret Chest #2 (Second Encounter to Boss Encounter)

Memory #11

Memory #11 is just after the 2nd Encounter.
After the brief water section following the 2nd Encounter, the airlock will spit you out into a room with around three acolytes and one yellow bar knight. Look to the metal grate on your left- Memory #11 is behind that grate, reachable through the bars.

Secret Chest #2

This chest can be found in the room just before jumping down the hole into the 3rd Encounter.
After killing both “Luminous Eyes” (yellow bar Shriekers), a “Keeper of the Deep” (yellow bar Ogre) spawns under a gazebo in the center of the room. Climb on top of the gazebo to find the second and final secret chest.

Memory #12 (After Boss Encounter)

Memory #12

Memory #12 can be found after completing the 3rd (and final) Encounter.
If you are facing Oryx’s front, go to the grotto on your left (the one where the Hunter Hive Guardian spawned).

You’ll find a new forced-perspective puzzle.

Solve it by standing and looking in the correct places, and a small section of wall will open up. Go through it to find the final Memory.

Thanks to Offyerrocker and Doomed Kitten for their excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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