DesktopMMD: How to Select a Model

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to select a model in DesktopMMD game.


Step by step:
1. Open “Manage Models”
2. Go to “Workshop” and download a character (double click or right click = subscribe)
– skip step 2 if you subscribed for a model through steam workshop page
3. Go to Installed, and “Add” the character.
– should be now under “Loaded”
4. Reload the App (on the Taskbar, lower left usually, right-click on the icon and press “reload”)
– model will still not show under “Loaded”, thats ok.
5. Once again “Add” the SAME character like in step 3.
6. Reload again and the character will show!


P.S. You dont need to wait for the loading to finish when adding a character. You can already reload whenever you see “loading” after adding a chracter.

Another (possible?) solution I found is this:

1. Right-Click the Game Icon on your Taskbar (usually lower right corner).
2. Go to Preferences
3. Go to Model TAB in Preferences.
4. Set default Zoom to 2:00
5. Save and restart the game.

Now you should be able to import models withouth any issues.
Keep in mind, changing the loaded model size will break its animation (hair, skirt, breasts…).

Only really usefull for resolutions of 2560×1440 and up.

Credit to Hinatin-sen

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