DEEMO -Reborn-: Most Solution for Puzzle

You’ll find solution for most of the puzzle, no image unfortunatly


Comment if I miss any and I’ll edit it

Piano room:

Catch 4 falling leaves in a row for a song

Find the orange tree and ask deemo to pick it

Rune puzzle: find 5 decorations from the music boxes and place them according to the shadow

Book room:

Turn off all lights for the rune orb

Turn off lights according to the tile on the floor for a song

Find 4 bookmarks hidden in books for the large painting. Follow the order: seed, rain, sun, snow for golden song

Loft room:

Table in the middle: the 8 icons should be pointing to the direction of the corresponding object. (clockwise: mask, circle thing, butterfly, speaker, nest, plant, A, painting) Then follow the order in the middle to open the lock for golden music sheet.

Set the metronome to the same beat as the music from the speaker for a song

Randomly walk around the left side until a tile turns over. Then follow the arrow until a sheet appears.

Open the window to make the bottle fall down. Then use the feather duster to collect the sheet.

Statue: 4 windows 3 statues. Then it’s rock paper scissors. First one is you winning and second one is draw.


Ask deemo to pick the doll on the shelf

Windmill solution can be found later in stack room


Test tube puzzle: 2-5-3-0 (amount of metal plates under the tube)

Stand in front of the conductor and listen to the music. Then turn on the corresponding instruments. The number of glowing orbs on the sheet is the number of instruments. If you get it right you get a cutscene (3 times later you get the golden music sheet) The last one (6 instruments) is grand piano, pipe organ, the longer tube and all 3 violins

Rotating puzzle: the order of the 3 colored sphere is at the bottom.

And other simple puzzles

Second floor:

135613572 safe password

Shake the tree 3 times for doll

Follow the edges of the golden 4 piece puzzle for easier time. That one isn’t that hard

The order of the piaces the boat should visit is in the map hidden in the stack of books

Trophy room:

Scary mask is on second floor of the room

The bulb is next to the masked lady

Ask deemo for the lever and rush to the cover when he pulls it

Awake is the answer of the stick puzzle. Use the shadow of the stick to form the letters.

Slowly approach the fireflies and she will automatically catch them. Repeat 3 times.

Stack room:

Broken wall near the entrance

Mandora in the bushes there

Word puzzle: lift (from the randomly placed books next to it), then miss (from the cube)

You can’t solve the cube it automatically opens after you solve the ‘miss’ on the word puzzle


The answer for the stone puzzle on the left is found on the right side. Both are found after a path behind bushes

Star puzzle. The balcony logo should be on the bottom. All other 3 are according to the telescope. They glow if they are in a correct position.

Doll is tied to a rope on the floor


Left side near the end, a hidden path in the bushes.

Stand next to the giant hole for some time and she will do a leap of faith.

After the ending, leave the area and enter again. Then walk up the stairs for the rune orb

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