Death Road to Canada: How to Edit Things Like Zombo Points, Unlocks, and Wins

Have you sunk 100 hours and unlocked everything on console and are disappointed by no cross saves? wanna carry that progress over to the PC version? Well then do i have a guide for you!


Getting to the folder
first, you’re going to want to get to the right folder. you need to have hidden item turned on, and this guide is for windows 10. to do that, you’re going to want to go the hard drive or ssd you have windows on (if you only have one drive or ssd you’ll be fine, same steps) and go to users, then owner (or where it says your name, whatever name you put into your pc) and then AppData, then roaming, then .madgarden and then DR2C. (file path shown below)

Editing the file
now we’re going to get into the fun part, modifying your save. you’re going to want to navigate to the file named “gstats” and click on it. it will prompt you to look in the windows store, but instead click more options and choose notepad. now we’re ready to modify our saves. (i excluded some parts like times the tutorial has been done because they’re not really worth modifying.) first, you’re going to see your totals (total zombies killed, total times a skill has been trained or used), next you’ll see the amount of wins you have in each game mode (can be modified to unlock game modes if you change the proper win values), your win streaks and now, the stuff you REALLY care about. the current zombo point amount and zombo point cap. i don’t know what happens if you set either of them over 50, you can find out if you feel like it. next you’ll find the perks and traits. 3 means they are at max level and 0 means they’re locked, this goes for both perks and traits, these skip having to buy them from the traders in the buildings. for the unlock gnome, there’s 24 total unlocks. 1 for ugfound (you need this to activate the unlock gnome), 4 for jerkstore (im assuming these are for the unlockable hats and the challenges attached to them), 3 for trader (trader gnome and upgrades), 4 for toilet (toilet loot upgrades), 4 for extrazp (pasive zp bonuses for stuff like on death and recruitment, etc), 4 for rare trader (these increase the probability of you finding rare trader camps), and 4 for rarelocs (increase the probability of you finding rare locations). there’s the challegestatue stat at the bottom, i think that’s for the unlockable hat challenges, will update when i find out.

That’s about it
you’re done! now you can go and enjoy all those perks, traits and upgrades you didn’t earn. great job! i probably wont make another guide ever (unless i wanna talk about unused content, iv’e found quite a bit actually) but i made this guide because there wasn’t a guide on this and i felt that i should share this knowledge. that’s it, like and comment or whatever, i dunno how this works.

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