Death Must Die: Easy Win Build for Nixi

Farm mythic gear or push OC levels with a very easy Nixi Build   It Really Is This Easy You will need a few pieces of alteration gear to make this work as the build relies on getting Death, Time, And Conquest in the same run. You can swap off your alteration gear if you … Read more

Death Must Die: 100% Achievements Guide

How to complete this great game on 100%   AVORON The Sign of The Hero Kill 500 Skeletons with Avoron You gain +17% Attack Damage every 3 levels (max +170%) Very simple, you do this on first or second run The Sign of The Guardian Defeat The Baron with Avoron When you take damage, become … Read more

Death Must Die: How to Beat the Difficulty 30 with Dash Only

Dash is all you need. Difficulty 30, no attacks needed. A creative way to tackle the game with a unique challenge, pushed to the highest difficulty for current content.   What is this challenge and why? This challenge is an attempt to tackle the game at it’s highest difficult without attacking and dash as your … Read more