Death Must Die: 100% Achievements Guide

How to complete this great game on 100%



The Sign of The Hero
Kill 500 Skeletons with Avoron

You gain +17% Attack Damage every 3 levels (max +170%)

Very simple, you do this on first or second run

The Sign of The Guardian
Defeat The Baron with Avoron

When you take damage, become invulnerable for 1 seconds. This effect can’t occur more than once every 10 seconds.

Kill last boss on first map, after few runs you do this

The Sign of The Chosen One
Defeat The Gargoyles with Avoron

When you take damage, become invulnerable for 3 seconds. This effect can’t occur more than once every 10 seconds

KIll first two bosses, very easy if you dodge only when they attack

The Sign of The Disciple
Defeat The Baron with each character

All blessings you are offered are at least Adept rarity. Your Adept rarity bonuses convert to Expert rarity bonuses at a 22% rate.

5 characters, they unlocked after few runs with previous character. Kill Dracula with each

The Sign of The Cat
A cat dies 9 times

You gain +2 Revivals

Kill Avaron 9 times


The Sign of Fire
Deal 100000 Damage with Merris

You gain +8% Spell Damage every 3 levels (max +80%)

Simple shoot shoot shoot !!!

The Sign of The Helper
Defeat the chatty skeleton 33 times with Merris

Your missiles aim towards enemies. You have +66% Attack Damage

Very annoing achievement. You must kill Skeleton Archers, witch fire many fireballs, in last wave before Dracula – 18:00. There near 5 per run.

The Sign of Timespace
Defeat The Necromancer with Merris

You have infinite pull range, -1 Dash and -30% Dash Cooldowns

Simple kill that Grandpa at 14:00

The Sign of The Hydra
Get 8 different Autocast Blessings with Merris

You gain +2 Spells Projectile Count

Take all autocast blessings what you can, but one god must be TIME. Take Alteration Ritual and Deadlock and you can collect it much more.

The Sign of The Summoner
Get 40 summons with Merris

You gain +22% Summon Damage every 3 levels (max +220%)

Simple take DEATH and max out Necromancy and Ravens


The Sign of The Viper
Defeat The Gargoyles under 20 Seconds with Nixi

You gain +10% Attack Speed every 3 levels (max +100%)

Use Necromancy and Ball Lightning witch can kill them with 1 strike if you take it Expert or Higher and upgrade good

The Sign of The Thread
Deal a total of 2000 Critical Damage with Nixi

You deal +500% more damage striking enemies below 20% life

Don’t worry, you did this very fast, Simple take Critical Strike from FATE

The Sign of The Grasshopper
Get 4 Dashes with Nixi

You gain +1 Dash but have +25% Dash Cooldowns

There can be few ways to rise amount of your dash:
1 – Legendary skill of FATE – Fleet-Footed
2 – Boots with +1 DASH affics
3 – Shrine of rabbit

I choose 2+3

The Sign of The Thief
Win an attempt at 3 Difficulty with Nixi

Pick ups drop +1000% more often

Simple use Star Crux in the middle of cafedral and up what you want to 3 skulls

The Sign of The Rabbit
Win an attempt with Mort’s Serendipity blessing with Nixi

You gain +13% Luck every 3 levels (max +130%)

Take DEATHSerendipity skill and kick Dracula ass to the moon


The Sign of The Tornado
Kill 25 enemies with a single strike with Kront

You gain +14% Attack Area every 3 levels (max +140%)

Very simple with weared character and Skeleton Knights

The Sign of The Earthquake
Destroy an elite enemy’s barrier with a single strike with Kront

Enemy stun thresholds are reduced by -100%. You deal +40% Damage to enemies below their stun threshold

All Kront chellenges i complete in 1 run. I didn’t see how i got his, but if you have some troubles with this, rise Attack, Crit and reduce Shields with shrines and War Pact skill

The Sign of The Tsunami
Deal a critical of 400 damage with Kront

You gain +4% Attack Critical Chance every 3 levels (max +40%)

Simple rise Crit and Attack

The Sign of The Meteor
Defeat 50 Shielders with Kront

You gain +1.2% Attack Damage for every 1 Armor Point you have. Your armor doesn’t give you any damage reduction

I don’t know what to say, just kick some shield asses

The Sign of The Mountain
Defeat The Necromancer with Kront

You can’t regenerate life. You have +222 life

14:00 is waiting for you…


The Sign of The Wyvern
Traverse 30000 distance with Skadi

You gain +16 Movement Speed every 3 levels (max +160)

Simle move move move !!!!!!!

The Sign of The Apprentice
Level up to 30 with Skadi

A random skill you have gains +1 level on every 2 levels you gain BEST SKILL IN ALL GAME !!!

Rise and shine, miss Skadi !

The Sign of The Cosmos
Apply 5 different statuses in an attempt with Skadi

Your attacks apply a random status from a pool of 8 statuses. Each status has a separate 6% proc chance

Simple run and click on all shrines. Rabbit is very rare…

The Sign of The Beast
Kill 25 Summoners with Skadi

A white raven fights alongside you. It gains 8 times value from stat boosts

There near 8 in a run, don’t miss it !

The Sign of The Lizard
Heal 999 life with Skadi

You gain +0.35 life regeneration every 3 levels (max +3.5)

If you struck with this, use Inner Peace skill from Lady Justice


A Thousand Bones
Defeat 6000 Skeletons

I think you understand what asses you must kick

The Summoner
Defeat 50 Summoners

Take Skadi and kill two rabbits with one bullet

Defeat 4000 Oozes

Like with Skeletons, but take more time

Win an attempt at 5 Difficulty

A Black Heart
Win an attempt at 10 Difficulty

I reccomended this setup, but you can take wich is comfortable for you

A Stake For A Vampire
Defeat the Baron

Simple kill Dracula with any character

Ghost Matter
Win an attempt without taking damage

This is very annoying achievement, but i told how to do his easy:

You must take Merris with Summoner or Fire sigil or OP Skadi with sign of Apprentice

You need WINTERDEATH and i take JUSTICE or TIME

WINTERBlight + Wintertide is our primary controll skill. Next you must take Icebound and before second jelly wave – Chilling Strike this is great control spell for Merris

DEATHNecromancy and Ravens is our primary damage VS bosses + Sickles of Mort, expert+ Lifelink and Soulstealers can help you to.

JUSTICE: ONLY Divine Shield and if you catch legendary Day of Judgment this is victory! All others skills except Pandemonium must be banished or alternated.

Watch carefuly on last big wave before Dracula and Dracula fireballs, stay far as you can and take your army eleminate him. Good Luck and be needed gods upon you 😉

Thanks to St1nger for their excellent guide; all credit belongs to their effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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